The Chainsmokers Show Who Their Inspiration Is

An American DJ and production duo, The Chainsmokers, are alive and hot. Alex Poll and Andrew Taggart are living their lives to the fullest. Recently the Chainsmokers and Halsey did a tribute to Avicii at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards. They mentioned Avaicii was a Swedish DJ that inspired everyone in the EDM community.

The Chainsmokers received an award at the Billboard awards for the Top Dance /Electronic act. When they came up to accept their award, they dedicated that award to Avicii. He was a huge inspiration for them and they wanted everyone to know. Avicii influenced everything they did as well as everyone else in the pop music industry.

Poll and Taggert, the Chainsmokers, were the first dance artist to be recognized for their talents when they were put at the top of the billboard charts for their new category, Billboard’s New Dance 100 List. They also put on an epic performance at the 2018 Ultra Music Festival in Miami Florida. At the I-Heart Radio Awards they walked away with Best Collaboration Dance Artists of the Year and Dance Album of the Year.

They music keeps coming and new songs keep coming together out of the Chainsmokers. These guys are amazing. Drew Taggert is the main vocalist of the group. In January of 2018, they released the song “Sick Boy”. The song is so catchy and intoxicating. In February of 2018, the song “You Owe Me” was released. The song made the number four spot on the Billboards hot singles chart. The video is dark and mysterious with a shocking ending. They really know how to keep their fans on their feet. “Somebody” is their newest release.

As 2018 progresses, the Chainsmokers are going to continue to show their fans the best music and the most epic videos. Their inspiration is going to keep them going strong. Poll and Taggert want to show their fans what they can do.

What Do Some YouTubers Do To Gain More Subscribers?

YouTubers are always changing up their strategy to gain mor subscribers and grow their fan base. The truth about subscribers and getting more fans is that your video quality needs to stand out, and you need to be somebody who knows all about the world of creativity and showing what others can’t. Find out exactly what you can do right now in order to grow your fan base, make some good money, and accomplish more as a YouTuber. There are so many amazing opportunities for those wanting to gain more subscribers.

What Do Some YouTubers Do To Gain More Subscribers?

– Effective Collaborations

It is vital that you get out there and meet with other people to do some collaborations. It is through being in a collab with other YouTubers where you finally get a chance to be in front of a few of their followers. Subscribers are out there and can be attained if you work at it. The key is to work hard towards providing your YouTuber friends with the chance to also make videos on your channel while you make some with them on their channels. YouTube is a growing website where the only way to finally be seen is to post videos with other big people on the site. Social media is an ever-growing industry, and the key is to start off and really connect with other people.

– Post Videos That Are Current and Trendy

Post videos that are current, trendy, and really up to date in what’s going on right now. People love opinionated YouTubers who have thoughts and opinions to share, and if you cater towards the majority,mother you’ll definitely hit a string and get people’s attention. YouTubers are ultimately some of the most talented people on the web, and they have this ability to take apart the news and other topics and bring them to the world via videos.

Wengie is a great example of a hardworking YouTuber who truly knows all about creating videos in her niche that are current. Wengie is known for her well made makeup videos that provide great free information. Follow her style and approach on crafting YouTube videos.