The Chainsmokers Show Who Their Inspiration Is

An American DJ and production duo, The Chainsmokers, are alive and hot. Alex Poll and Andrew Taggart are living their lives to the fullest. Recently the Chainsmokers and Halsey did a tribute to Avicii at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards. They mentioned Avaicii was a Swedish DJ that inspired everyone in the EDM community.

The Chainsmokers received an award at the Billboard awards for the Top Dance /Electronic act. When they came up to accept their award, they dedicated that award to Avicii. He was a huge inspiration for them and they wanted everyone to know. Avicii influenced everything they did as well as everyone else in the pop music industry.

Poll and Taggert, the Chainsmokers, were the first dance artist to be recognized for their talents when they were put at the top of the billboard charts for their new category, Billboard’s New Dance 100 List. They also put on an epic performance at the 2018 Ultra Music Festival in Miami Florida. At the I-Heart Radio Awards they walked away with Best Collaboration Dance Artists of the Year and Dance Album of the Year.

They music keeps coming and new songs keep coming together out of the Chainsmokers. These guys are amazing. Drew Taggert is the main vocalist of the group. In January of 2018, they released the song “Sick Boy”. The song is so catchy and intoxicating. In February of 2018, the song “You Owe Me” was released. The song made the number four spot on the Billboards hot singles chart. The video is dark and mysterious with a shocking ending. They really know how to keep their fans on their feet. “Somebody” is their newest release.

As 2018 progresses, the Chainsmokers are going to continue to show their fans the best music and the most epic videos. Their inspiration is going to keep them going strong. Poll and Taggert want to show their fans what they can do.

Wengie Talks About Her Life


In the video that Wengie created, she talks about the different things that she has done during her life. She created the video so that people would have a better understanding of her life and that she would be able to tell them what she has done throughout her life.


In the beginning of the video, Wengie talks about the beginning of her life. As she is talking, she is drawing different things that she has done during the time that she has been alive. She draws pictures of herself as a baby and even a picture of herself not eating food when she was a baby because her parents had a really hard time getting her to eat. But, she says that she was able to overcome the problems that she had as a baby and is now a healthy person who does not have problems.


The video transitions into when she is a little older. Her family has to go to Australia and she knows that she is going to be living somewhere different. While it is scary, she is excited about it. She even talks about dreaming that she was playing with clouds while on the plane. This is a fun time in her life and one that she remembers really well because it was such a huge change. In the video, she talks about being close with her family and relying on her to get to that time so that she can transition easily throughout the different things that are going on.


The last part of the video of Wengie drawing her life is reserved for her being able to show people that she is now older and is very well adjusted. As she speaks with an Australian accent, it can be determined that she stayed in Australia. She talks about traveling and helping people and even about some of her favorite things. While she might have had some struggles during her life, it has mostly been a great one. She wants people to know that she is happy with what she has and what she has done.