George Soros is Fighting Back Against Trump’s Encouragement of Racial Tensions

Anyone who has listened to a speech given by Donald Trump can easily that see he loves attention, but his use of sarcasm and insults towards anyone who happens to be in his path has been the least of his mockery against the race for the presidential office. George Soros has begun to openly speak out against Trump’s newest ways of gaining votes, which is the encouragement of racial tension.

Donald Trump’s solution to terrorists is to ban all Muslims from entering or being in the country. He also believes that a wall should be built to keep illegal Mexican immigrants from entering without permission. Soros feels that the diverse population of the United States has been hit hard by Trump’s ridiculous use of fear-mongering in this way. He also thinks that by isolating Muslims, it could further drive them in to a mad dash for acceptance by anyone, including members of ISIS.

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The fear mongering tactics of Trump have been based on the belief that no one knows exactly who the ISIS members are. He says that ISIS terrorists could be making their way across the unprotected parts of the border of Mexico hiding as Mexicans because of the similarity of skin color between the races. There is no proof of this of course, but some unknowing American supporters of Trump have literally spit in the faces of Hispanics and Muslims due to his racially charged words at political events. The country has already been in an upheaval due to events taking place in the city of Ferguson. More racial tension could lead to an even further divide, which the country doesn’t need. This is why George Soros has been openly debating the professionalism of Trump and making known his unsuitability of being in such a high position of power.