Magic Mike XXL is Bringing Back The Hits

Magic Mike XXL is a movie that came out in theatres in the summer of July 2015. The move is about male stripper dancer who makes money by dancing for women. He is good at what he does and enjoys doing this profession. In the movie (Channing Tatum) had retired stripper dancing for three years,but decided to get back into the scene of dancing one last time. Him and his group of dancers go to Myrtle Beach for a exotic dance convention for one last chance at making magic on the stage. Along the journey to Myrtle Beach they run into several women and change their life’s during the trip to the beach.

In the movie Magic Mike XXL a daytime star had gotten her big hit role. Crystal Hunt was chosen to play in the movie and her character would be Lauren. Her featured role in the movie portrays a strong independent women. She enjoyed playing the character and being a part of the movie.

Crystal Hunt was born in Florida and started her acting career at the age of two in pageants. She had began acting on television in commercial during her early years of life. She then had progressed onto daytime soap opera television portraying many roles. IMDb shows that one of her characters she started playing was a troubled daughter named Lizzie Spaulding on Guiding Light. Her role on Guiding Light had lasted over three years, and she won an Emmy for Young Daytime Actress. She then began playing roles in a couple movies, and then landed a role on One Life to Live in February 2009. Her character on the hit soap opera show was Stacy Morasco. A recent project she had began working on a document series that will be on television, and most recently starting in the hit box office movie Magic Mike XXL.

Crystal Hunt has had an exciting career of acting positions, and has worked her way to the big screen. Her movie in Magic Mike XXL was one more milestone she has accomplished in her career, and has gave her a chance at different acting positions. Don’t miss the movie Magic Mike XXL and check out Crystal Hunt’s character and wonderful acting she portrayed in the movie. The movie has a great storyline, and many wonderful actors. The movie is a great girls night out atmosphere and makes the fans wanting more.