Reviews of new EOS Lip Balms favorable

I’ve been using EOS Lip Balm since I was a senior in college, and now I’m a busy mom who still loves Sweet Mint with a young daughter who loves Strawberry Sorbet, refer also here on Aside from the flavors of the lip balms we also like the way they give an excellent, colorless base for your lipstick or a shimmery lip gloss. EOS has been a constant part of taking care of my lips. In fact, having my EOS Lip Balm is almost as important to me as brushing my teeth twice a day!

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Now, EOS has upped their game again and introduced two new flavors, Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach. Both flavors are part of the company’s new vegan line, Crystal lip balms. I’ve tried bo

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Walgreens was the first national drug store to buy what EOS Lip Balm was selling. The lip balms were different than anything else available on the market. Oral care industry leaders Blistex and Chapstick hadn’t changed their packaging, formulas or flavors in decades and they tasted medicinal. They definitely weren’t fun or cool, and they still listed their active ingredients! EOS Lip Balms came on the scene in 2010 and their lip balms were nothing like their competitors products. EOS developed unique flavor combinations that tasted good on your lips. EOS packaged their lip balms in brightly colored orbs that didn’t look anything like the plain cylindrical tubes the competitors were selling. When it came to flavors, no one could compete with EOS. While other brands still had only three flavors: original, peppermint and cherry; EOS had introduced Wildberry, Passionfruit and Blueberry Acai. In the process, EOS Lip Balms began to leave behind their competition, and win loyal costumers.

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EOS Crystal Lip Balm Both Flavors Review

EOS New Crystal lip balm has just come out and is the talk of the town all over the place. I was lucky enough to be able to purchase this lip balm just before it sold out and I am so glad I did. I got both flavors of it which are hibiscus peach and vanilla orchid. I honestly cannot decide between the two which one is my favorite because I honestly love them both so much. Well both of them do the same thing I enjoy having two different flavors of lip balm to apply to my lips. They come in such cute spheres and every one of my friends has asked me if they can try it. Go to and find more interesting facts about EOS.

Based on, Evolution of Smooth is most known for their lip balms but aside from their little spheres of lip balm they also sell hand lotion, body lotion, and shave cream. Their shave cream comes in 4 different scents and moisturizes legs like no other shaving cream on the market. The four scents are tropical fruit, pomegranate raspberry, vanilla bliss, and lavender jasmine. Tropical fruit and pomegranate raspberry are summer type scents whereas vanilla bliss can be used in the fall or summer. Lavender jasmine is good for any season but is great for shaving with if you are about to go to bed sense it has lavender in it and lavender has a calming effect on people.

EOS shave cream is not just your everyday shave cream because not only does it come in four different scents, moisturizes legs, and comes in super cute packaging but it also contains aloe and oat extract which allows customers to use it to shave either wet or dry so they don’t have to worry about razor bumps or nicking themselves. EOS currently sells their lotions and lip balms individually but they also have packs of 3 or two so that you can try more than one flavor or scent at a time, see more info here. It is not only cost effective to a value package but it also will last you longer because you are receiving more product.

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Breaking Through the Door’s of Business World, Susan McGalla

The business world has open numerous doors for job opportunities. This is a sector that has been dominated by men for quite some time now. In today’s business world, women have not been left behind. Women all over the world are achieving unattainable ranks and showing that they are extremely successful in business. Some women are still wondering how to make it to the top. There is numerous information if you read books, diaries, and articles concerning the same.They will get insightful information on the transition to be becoming successful businesswomen. Many women are already enjoying success at top organizations.

There are numerous cases of successful businesswomen some of which are discussed below. This article will take a gander at women who are pioneers in critical sectors of the society. The Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been for a long time supporting and advocating for women’s rights. A CNN poll August 19, 2015, revealed that she is ahead of strong presidential aspirants. She has clearly proved to women all over the world that it is conceivable to contend political positions and perform excellently.

Another prominent figure in the advocacy of women’s rights is Sheryl Sandberg. She is well known for addressing issues such as why there are a minimal number of women in top leadership positions, pay imbalances in the working environment and the difficulties in balancing between raising a family and one’s career. Abigail Johnson born to Edward C. “Ned” Johnson III is another example. Her father has been Fidelity Investments’ CEO since the year 1977. The mutual-finance firm provides many financial services. Abigail Johnson has been a name to be considered as president of Fidelity Investment since the year 2012. Abigail has been with the company since 1998 and will soon be the president of the company and her father the executive. She boasts a net worth of $12.3 billion in assets.

Another illustration is a woman named Susan McGalla. Susan is more than just an average lady. She is great at taking care of the business world and juggling her profession with an individual life. McGalla appreciates sharing her thoughts regarding how one can become an accomplished individual in the business world. Regarding the matter of vocation guidance, Susan McGalla is an exemplary example to young aspiring businesswomen. She got her Bachelor’s Degree from Mount Union College. She has been the Chief Executive Officer at Wet Seal Inc., as from January 18, 2011, to July 23, 2012. McGalla is a famous expert in the business world and has been praised by other successful women. She gives advice to women seeking to succeed in the business world; she has many articles pertaining to this and has also lectured on the same. Susan McGalla built the P3 Executive Consulting, LLC way back in 2013 after her successful career at Wet Seal in 2012.

Successful businesswomen are strong, educated and intelligent. Women are as dynamic as men. They can run an organization effectively as their male counterparts.

Susan McGalla Offers Words Of Wisdom To Working Women

Before you can save money you have to make money. Susan McGalla is a retail leader with some great advice for working women. See the original article on PR Newswire.
The words of wisdom that have been published by PR Newswire on behalf of Susan McGalla. Susan has three pointers that are going to help working women become the best that they can be in their lives and careers. These women should make sure that they are following these guidelines, and they will be able to make positive changes in their lives when they have been taking care of their families for so long.

Be More Confident

When women are doing everything they can to look more confident, they need to be sure that they are presenting this image of themselves whenever they are working or in the community.

Get Educated

Women often put off their own educations to get their families in order. However, these women need to make sure that they are putting aside time to get their own education. Women can go to school online these days, and they will be able to make more of their careers with their new degrees. Women can make time for these degrees, and they should make these degrees a priority.

Forget The Glass Ceiling

Women are often warned of the glass ceiling that exists in the workplace. However, women need to remember that ignoring the glass ceiling is going to make them forces of nature at work. There are many men who think women should be paid equally, and acting like an equal worker is going to make women more valuable at their jobs.

When women are trying to make better lives for themselves and their families, they should be sure that they are following these three steps as laid out by PR Newswire and Susan McGalla.