MAGFAST Introduces a New Charging Era with the MAGFAST Charger

There is new technology coming down the pipeline at all times. The computer was once a bulky device with countless cords needed to function, but it has since been downsized sufficiently in recent decades. It was first condensed down to a laptop, and later into cellphones.

The average consumer owns a device that can do anything right in their pocket. However for each device an individual owns, they likely have a mountain of cords in their house. A wireless revolution was sweeping across the market one item at a time. Seymour Segnit took it upon himself to change the charger. Digital Trends documented his MAGFAST brand their product the MAGFAST Charger.

In order to create a product with mass appeal, Seymour Segnit first had to put the MAGFAST on a platform where consumers could easily find it. He choose Kickstarter due to its natural appeal to a tech savvy audience. The decision to launch the product on the service proved to be a good choice. See This Page to learn more.

MAGFAST Charger quickly became a name to remember as the opening minutes passed all expectations. The purpose of the product was to create a wireless charger that an everyday consumer could use. At the center of the product design, there would be 6 different versions of the MAGFAST charger.

The six types of Magfast charging stations can meet all your mobile charging needs; The LifeCharger is a standard unit that can be used to power any mobile device but that is compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand. The LifeCharger Extreme is equipped with the maximum allowable power and is strong enough to jump start a car. The RoadCharger provides four USB outlets for onboard charging through your 12v power source. The AirCharger provides wireless device charging. WallCharger not only powers your mobile devices but also charges all Magfast units. Finally, the TimeCharger is what you need if the device you want to recharge is an Apple Watch.

The concept would be for electronic users to charger multiple devices at once through a connection that was on equal level to a weird charge. MAGFAST Charger’s most popular designs were the wall and car chargers. These were where the majority would want to charge their products.

Seymour Segnit worked around the clock to overhaul how consumers would charge their devices in the future. MAGFAST was a name that would one day be remembered by all. The cords have to disappear to take technology up a level. Go To This Page for related information.

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Seymour Segnit Reveals His Marketing Tricks

When its time to launch a product, the most common issue is always determining how to best present the concept to average consumers. The art of marketing can never be boiled down to a science as consumer tastes and thoughts area always shifting.

Seymour Segnit has spent the majority of his career in learning about marketing, but even he cannot escape the whims of consumers. The MAGFAST Charger was released to great fanfare, but the product lacked a certain charm that failed to win over consumers in mass. He recently took to Premiere Gazette to reflect on his thoughts and career up to this point.

At the heart of any good marketing campaign is the appeal to a consumers’ feelings over logic. They need to know more about the product such as what benefits it will provide on a daily basis. Seymour Segnit is an avid reader of marketing ideas and industry trends. See Related Link for more information.

Seymour Segnit is known for getting many of his greatest inspirations from the books he reads every day. Once the idea is finalized, he puts the pedal to the metal in bringing it to reality. Seymour Segnit describes how everything falls into place as his vision is realized through the passion that goes into the project.

Seymour Segnit organizes his day by knowing when he is the most active. The morning begins right at the moment dawn appears. He enjoys a daily exercise routine and a healthy breakfast to get his mind in the right place for the day.

Once in the office, he talking with partners around the world for several hours. The ability to keep everyone on the page at all times is only possible with modern technology. All of this culminated with the Kickstarter release of the MAGFAST Charger. It was profitable within mere minutes. Click Here for more information.

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Seymour Segnit Believes in Passion and Drive

Not every successful entrepreneur likes to talk about what led them to the top of the startup world. Seymour Segnit doesn’t fall under that heading. Seymour Segnit is quite vocal about the elements that helped him succeed when he founded MAGFAST.

Segnit likely wants to help steer other entrepreneurs in the right direction. His words carry weight considering how successful the MAGFAST Family, a collection of wireless magnetic chargers, has become. On the first day of the chargers’ crowdfunding campaign, $600,000 rolled in, with $250,000 arriving in the first 15 minutes. Segnit does know more than a little bit about how to launch a startup. Click Here to learn more.

When asked about how long it took for MAGFAST to become profitable, he responded that the company made profits from its inception. Few startups can match such a claim. Sadly, most startups fail. Failure doesn’t need to mean the end, though. Segnit’s first endeavor did well at first then ran out of money. Seymour Segnit didn’t quit. Instead, he pushed ahead with the plan for MAGFAST chargers and sold a significant volume of product.

Segnit doesn’t allow pure logic to guide his decisions. At one time, Seymour Segnit focused mainly on logic. Over time, he realized that emotions play a role in achieving your dreams. Seymour Segnit believes that passion and emotional intensity contribute to focus. Focus, in turn, leads to paying attention to all the things that matter when trying to drive your business in the right direction.

In his own words, Seymour Segnit does not want to describe success at entrepreneurism in “woo-hoo” terms. That is, he doesn’t want to talk about the process as if emotions will drive everything, and there’s no need for a logical, realistic approach. He does, however, believe that passion must be at the center of any true drive for achievement. See Related Link to learn more.

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Seymour Segnit Bounces Back to Launch MAGFASTArticle

Launching a business takes some initiative. Bouncing back after the company fails to do well takes even more drive and desire. Seymour Segnit launched a wildly successful crowdfunding campaign to bring a new consumer electronics charger to the market. More than 69,000 people responded enthusiastically to the campaign. Sadly, the company didn’t last long as it ran short of money.

The story here doesn’t end, though. Seymour Segnit and his wife Amy didn’t feel depressed about their initial venture failing to do well. They persevered and launched a new enterprise called MAGFAST. The MAGFAST charger products combine wireless technology with a magnetic design. The magnets connect like Legos to allow the chargers to look a lot nicer than standard charging cables.

The visual aesthetics of the MAGFAST charger aren’t the only things that drive its popularity. Seymour Segnit long ago became frustrated with the bothersome tangles traditional charging cables cause. He turned his frustrations to a design table and came up with the MAGFAST concept. MAGFAST removes charging cords from the equation. Replacing and upgrading them no longer becomes a concern. Also, MAGFAST chargers are compatible with scores of devices. Standard cables commonly aren’t. Find Related Information Here.

Seymour Segnit knows he has a product that people would find intriguing. He also understands that marketing the product contributes heavily to its success potential. Click Here to learn more.

The second crowdfunding campaign, the one that supported MAGFAST, relied on a mailing list associated with a company that failed. You would think the mailing list wouldn’t be helpful. It was. MAGFAST became a reality after the sponsoring crowdfunding campaign. Segnit knew how to market the campaign and the product. The response was stunning.

The campaign produced $250,000 in raised funds within 15 minutes. By the close of the first day, the campaign raised $600,000. With such an amazing start, MAGFAST finds itself in a solid position. Follow him on

The campaign produced $250,000 in raised funds within 15 minutes. By the close of the first day, the campaign raised $600,000. With such an amazing start, MAGFAST finds itself in a solid position.

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