Michael Burwell: The Executive Taking Over As The New CFO Of Willis Towers Watson

Being a leader in the financial industry is never easy, but Michael Burwell makes it seem like something that is not hard to pull off. Burwell has had an incredible career spanning over thirty-one years. During these years, he has worked with big names and clients, offering them his unique insight and understanding of their financial situation, and the routes that they can take to improve their investments. He is highly regarded as someone who has an incredible amount of skill and expertise in the field and is someone who can learn from every endeavor to constantly improve himself and the services that he provides.



Last year, Burwell made a significant improvement in his career when he was asked to take on the position of CFO at a company known as Willis Towers Watson. The company stands as one of the leading within the investment and global advisory department and has set high standards for the kind of services that they provide. The company has grown to be one of the more notable within the sector, which is why someone of incredibly high caliber was needed to be able to take up this position.



One of the key qualities that Burwell possesses is good leadership skills. He is considered to be someone who can lead a wide group of people who are all working towards a common goal. Using Michael Burwell’s leadership skills, coupled with his people’s skills has enabled him to grow and become one of the more well-known names within the business.



Through the course of his career, Burwell has risen to several well-known positions within the companies that he has worked in. One of the more well-known names that he has worked at includes PwC, which was a company in which Burwell held many notable positions. One of the roles that Burwell contained in this company was that of the Head of Global Transformation. Michael Burwell was also known for being the CEO and CFO to the company and carrying out some developments that proved to be incredibly beneficial to the growth of the company as a whole.



Having already worked in executive positions, particularly that of the CFO, Burwell will surely be able to take on the role of CFO at Willis Towers Watson with ease and implement some measures to help the company grow and become a well-known name within the industry. Click Here for more information.