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 Getting older should always mean that someone is becoming wiser. Over the years it has become the norm that humans tend to have memory concerns as they progress in age.

Health experts do agree that a nutritional diet and ample exercise everyday will facilitate in memory retention of events, people, and places.

Science has become advanced over the years to help create supplements for adults to use to improve their brain functions as they age. Prevagen is new supplement that has been introduced to help with the process.

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Prevagen is a supplement that helps aging adults improve their brain functions that tend to decline as one ages. Before going out to purchase Prevagen, it is important to note that a physician should be notified prior to trying any kind of supplement.

Not only that, but a healthy diet and exercise plan should be implemented to ensure the best results. Prevegen has been shown to improve on memory retention in aging adults that are essential in maintaining relationships, occupations, and other events. In an article by, it goes into detail about Prevagen and its benefits and it also highlights lifestyle changes that could be used in substitute of the supplemt.

 Of course exercise is important for strength, agility, and balance. But exercise is also essential for memory retention. Researchers have found that exercising 30-45 minutes everyday not only improves memory retention, but people that continued to exercise as they aged were able to recall important events and details.

Exercises like dancing, running, swimming are all great examples of how one can get into exercising their brain today. Puzzles and brain games are also a great way to exercise one’s brain to prevent memory loss.

Many people have recently downloaded apps on their phones that help train their brains to remember information longer. Studies have shown that brain games help with thinking skills that tend to decline overtime.

 Some other ways to exercise one’s brain is through socialization. Socializing with others improves communication and helps those learn how to remember key features of individuals. There are people in the world today that speak to huge audiences everyday and meet millions of people. Some of these people have become memorable in how they are able to recall people, places and events.

They come up with specific activities that are used to help them remember key specifics about everybody. These people are the most successful in their occupations, relationships, and other ventures.

Prevagen advises people to seek natural ways to exercise your brain before using their product. Not only is it essential to live a balanced lifestyle to maintain brain function, but continued exercising of the brain will help in longevity in memory retention.

 Prevagen aims to help aging adults help maintain their mental health that is coupled with a balanced dietary lifestyle. Physical exercise and socialization are some key ways to be able to maintain your brain functions on a daily basis.

Reducing stress levels is also an important role in mental health. Encompassing all of these key activities with Prevagen can provide some amazing results.

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Your brain is a marvelous part of your body. It enables you to do math, read, write, and express yourself.

It signals other parts of your body!

It is a control center.

For humans, it is much more! It is a memory bank of your life.

As we age, we often suffer the diminishing effects of the brain’s power. It is often disturbing and frightening, but it happens.

Some call it cognitive decline, and others might call it the aging process.

People do not realize that there is help. Yes, in the form of a gentle tablet, and it can work wonders. It is called Prevagen. It can hold back the memories and data in the brain. However, one must supplement Prevagen, with good supportive habits.


The manufacturers of Prevagen remind us that the tablet does help, but one should work on exercise to make sure a healthy blood supply is circulating.

Did you know adequate exercise can build new nerve cells, and promote good oxygenation of the blood vessels?


Eating good meals fuels the brain. The brain needs vitamins and minerals to keep it functioning at top capacity. Try to keep a lid on processed meals, too much salt, and of course watch your sugar intake!

Remember that a diet which is rich in vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, and fish is a diet, your brain will thank you for!

Keep your brain well hydrated and drink plenty of water. If you are not a big water drinker consume some green tea, coffee, or coconut milk. There are ways to substitute nutrition, and keep healthy.


One must remember that the consumption of too much alcohol is dangerous. Sadly to say, a diet of even moderate alcohol can sometimes shrink the hippocampus, which is part of the brain that controls memory and reasoning.

Try not to drink more than one alcoholic beverage per day if you are a woman. If you are a man, no more than 2 drinks per day.


If you are a smoker, please quit! Smoking is a destructive and addictive habit. It can diminish the gray matter of the brain, and help to promote dementia. It is not only an addictive habit, but a costly one, as well.


Your brain should be stimulated. Don’t forget to play games and do puzzles. Get that brain working. The brain games can be fun and stimulating.

This is a great thing if you are bored, as well. Don’t forget to relax, get adequate rest, and socialize. One needs to be happy in order to be healthy.

Lastly, remember that Prevagen is a remarkable substance. It improves brain function and memory.

Give it a try and you will be ever so glad you did. A brain is certainly a terrible thing to waste!

Supplement with Prevagen!

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The Importance of Brain Health in the Fall with Prevagen

As you’re transitioning from the summer to the fall, you will notice that your life gets more scheduled and a lot less hectic. You have a routine to follow and you are more likely to have time for yourself throughout the day because of kids going back to school.

Prevagen has created a list of things you can do to boost brain power and memory in the fall months. Now is a great time for you to take charge of your brain health and to do things that are truly beneficial to every aspect of your life.


Now that you have some time to yourself, it is a great time for you to journal. Journaling is a wonderful way for you to get your thoughts out and to truly make a change for yourself in a way that works for you.

There are lots of ways that you can journal, and you can either write in this book each day, once a week or even every month. The key is to journal in a way that it helps your confidence and improves your memory.

Exercise More Often

A lot of times, people just do not get the amount of exercise that they need. This is a major issue and can be a problem no matter where you happen to live. You are spending more time inside during the fall and are less likely to go on hikes or walks because of the weather.

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If this is the case, it might help that you take on a gym buddy or do some workouts in the comfort of your very own home. This is a great way for you to feel confident in yourself and for you to be boosting your brain power as well.

Eat Better

Eating is an important step when it comes to boosting brain power. You are going to want to utilize this option for yourself and know that you are able to feel better as a result.

When you feel better, you look better as well. This can have a powerful impact on brain health and all that you are able to accomplish throughout the day. You will have more energy and are more likely to be able to do things, like exercise, that require you to be at the top of your game.

Now that you know some things that can help to boost your brain health during the fall months, it is time to consider taking supplements by Prevagen. There is a reason so many people swear by the Prevagen supplement.

This particular product can actually help to increase and improve short term and long term memory in those who are aging. The supplement is easy to take and can be incorporated into your day with ease.

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This supplement can be another benefit and option for when you are looking to boost brain health and know that you are going to need something that will actually work for you.

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