Talk Fusion Wins a Coveted Award

According to a PRNewswire dated August 8, 2016, Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC), an integrated media giant named Talk Fusion as the winner of its coveted annual award, Communications Solutions Products award for its excellence achievements in the communication industry. Technology Marketing Corporation awards the most outstanding communication products and services annually.

According to the CEO of TMC, Rich Tehrani, the honorees of the coveted award represent the quality of goods and services available in the communication industry. Therefore, it is an honor to award Talk Fusion as the recipient of Communications Solutions Products award as they have demonstrated excellence in all their endeavors. Their cross-communication platform is built on the latest technology such as WebRTC to facilitate voice, video, and data communication on Android and Windows-powered devices. Today, Talk Fusion’s revolutionary video chat app can be downloaded in the iTunes and Google Play Stores.

Even with the two awards, Talk Fusion does not stop its commitment to advancing its revolutionary cross-communication platform since its launch in March 2016. In fact, Bob Reina, Talk Fusion’s founder says that the awards mark the beginning of even greater achievements in the future. Bob Reina has faith in the company’s IT experts as they dedicate to staying ahead of the curve to meet each client’s needs.

In addition to Bob Reina’s comment, Ryan Page, Talk Fusion’s Chief Technical Officer says that Communications Solutions Products award is a testament as to how Talk Fusion has integrated efficiency and innovation in its processes and team. Importantly, Talk Fusion has introduced its Free Trials and a WebRTC Recorder and launched to supplement its double recognition from the integrated media giant. With these incredible achievements, the year 2016 shapes ups to be Talk Fusion’s memorable year.

About Talk Fusion

Established in 2007 by Bob Reina, Talk Fusion is home to the world’s first comprehensive marketing solution. The firm helps businesses to increase their sales and profit margin and standout stiff competition in the world of communication.

Through its dynamic digital marketing tools, Talk Fusion makes marketing more persuasive and interactive. Today, Talk Fusion’s products, and services are available in over 140 countries. Besides, Talk Fusion commits to supporting various communities and animal charities around the world.

Jon Urbana’s Videos are Feel Good in Nature

Jon Urbana has lived the proverbial charmed life. He is a former professional lacrosse player who is very active in numerous business and hobbyist pursuits. Urbana has archived some of his interests on, a WordPress blog (, his Facebook lacrosse page, The Aviation Business Gazette, and some video sharing sites. A few of those videos are worth checking out by those who may share similar interests.

When Giraffes Butt Heads” is a video lovers of animals and the natural world might opt to imbed on their social media platforms. Not many people are familiar with the habits of these amazing creatures, and the video does provide a unique insight. Although only a little over 35 seconds, the video reveals a lot about these animals.

The natural world is spectacular in all its glory. Mountains are usually captured in still photos, and these photos definitely can be a bit breathtaking. Videos, however, really do capture the true wonder of an amazing mountain. Urbana has posted a great video of mountains in Alaska. The video brings the viewer right into the wonderful landscape of that glorious state.

“Goldfish in a Cabernet Glass” is a very brief video, but it does capture the artistry Jon Urbana likes so much. Who would think a goldfish could be so intriguing in such a short video?

And there is “man’s best friend” in all his glory. “Life as a Golden Retriever” shows a wonderful dog enjoying life as only a canine can. The video is an upbeat one to be sure.

There are other videos on the Vimeo page of Jon Urbana. All these videos are worth taking a look at.

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