Alexis Kennedy: Gaming

Alexis Kennedy is an international speaker on topics such as interactive writing and narrative design. He is also a successful game designer. His credentials make him a prime candidate to speak at universities and conferences around the world. His creations have made him nominee and winner of many awards.

In 2017, Alexis Kennedy co-founded Weather Factory, along with Lottie Bevan. Their focus was on creating clever narrative games which have an indie theme running through them. Cultist Simulator is one of their prized projects.

Cultist Simulator is a Lovecraftian card game set in the 1920s. Players can seek out unholy mysteries, expose hidden gods and secret histories, risk being destroyed by inner demons or the red powers of the night. The game is over 110,000 words and multilingual, available in English, simplified Chinese and Russian.

In 2017, Cultist Simulator’s Kickstarter campaign was just about 300% funded. It proves itself to be a wise investment by earning a double BAFTA nomination. Other award nominations and wins for Alexis Kennedy are plenty, including Best Emotional Game Design at the Emotional Games Awards 2018, Develop:Star Awards 2019 Best Game Design Winner and Best Innovation Winner, along with a nomination for Best Narrative. In Alexis’ earlier years as co-founder of Failbetter Games, he created games like Sunless Sea, a narrative, survival role-playing game that won Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s 2014 award for Best Game Writing.

It seems as Lottie Bevan and Alexis Kennedy might be joined at the hip, as their personal, professional and creative endeavors are intertwined. More than just co-founders of the Weather Factory, the couple have actually been a couple, in the romantic sense. Bevan also worked at Failbetter Games, and the two both worked on games such as Fallen Out and Sunless Sea. Together, and each on their own, the two seem to be a creative goldmine.