Talk Fusion Brings Flexibility With Video Marketing System

The internet can be viewed as the Wild West and the users therein are trying desperately to get ahead of their competition. Running a business in the digital age isn’t an easy thing. You are going to need some help if you want to find long term success. That is where Talk Fusion steps up to the plate. Talk Fusion is an online video communication and networking solutions company that focuses on customer service, advertising, and incorporating brand loyalty within a company. Let’s take a look at how Talk Fusion can solve your business needs.

Talk Fusion was established back in 2007 by current CEO Bob Reina. Reina had been in the market for an email client that allowed videos to be embedded directly into the body of the email client. Reina correctly predicted that video marketing would become the next big thing on the internet. He, of course, was correct. Reina couldn’t find a platform that fit his needs so he created his own. Talk Fusion recently won the 2016 Communication Solutions Product of the Year Award for their Video Chat app. It’s pretty safe to say that they can help you out.

Bob Reina points out that the biggest thing Talk Fusion brings to their clients is flexibility. Flexibility for clients to focus on their work while Talk Fusion deals with customers and marketing — that’s a huge deal. Talk Fusion brings a ton of marketing solutions to their customers with a wide and varied package of applications: Video Chat, Live Meetings, Newsletters, video hosting and storage, as well as messaging applications. To put it simply, Reina’s team takes care of all the work that your company shouldn’t be focused on.

Continuing on the track of technology for conversation Reina likes to point out how tech is changing the marketplace forever. Reina points most capably to their Video Chat app which utilizes WebRTC technology to stay ahead of the competition. WebRTC (or real time communication) is going to be the future for video conferencing and Talk Fusion has already turned it into an award winning application. So, if you need video marketing help — Talk Fusion is your man.