A New Future for Development in New Jersey

Real estate development is coming to the forefront with several projects being spurred in New Jersey in recent years. Thanks to visionaries who have a broader vision for what the people in New Jersey need, transformations continue to occur as developers collaborate to make dreams come true in the Garden State. Newark, Atlantic city, and New Brunswick are a few of several locations in New Jersey that are experiencing rapid growth right now and part of its success is attributed to great leadership and real estate visionaries.

Newark on the RiseThe city of Newark is experiencing a rebirth and renaissance, and it is mostly due to the vision of Omar Boraie, president of Boraie Development LLC. For the past four decades, this real estate developmer has influenced a transformation in the city thanks to projects he oversaw.

Newark is a true example of American urban renewal. Since the 1960s and 70s, Newark has gone through some drastic changes in terms of its landscape compared to 40 years ago. Boraie Development is helping to spearhead that development with the redevelopment of New Brunswick’s downtown area.

More Residential Choices in Newark

As mentioned in NJ Biz, industry insiders met at the Newark CRE Summit to discuss the future of projects in Newark. Leaders agreed that Newark finally has a collection of projects that are all going on at the same time which will create new markets and provide more options for students who choose to study in the city. At the forefront of this new development is Wasseem Boriaie, who now has 10 major projects under construction or in planning at the moment.

With its close proximity to Manhattan, the future for Newark looks promising thanks to developers like Wasseem Boriaie who envision a positive future for the city. Eventually, more investors will become attracted to Newark which will draw in more institutional capital which is what the city lacked in the past.