Sergey Petrossov and JetSmarter

Entrepreneurs are inspired by many factors to start a business; some begin to gain high standards in society while others are motivated by their daily living experiences. Sergey Petrossov is a prominent entrepreneur and founder of various organizations. At an early age, his family relocated to Russia where Sergey experiences life hardships as an immigrant. He learned perseverance and striving to make his dreams a reality. During his time in high school, Sergey started foreign trade of tire rims, and this business experience shaped him to be a risk taker and work hard to achieve all set goals.

Upon graduation from high school Sergey Petrossov enrolled at the University of Florida and his entrepreneurial spirit continued; he joined the technology career line, and as an active student he started a foundation that contributed to long distant online learning to people in the Eastern Europe region. After graduation from University, Sergey was employed as a board advisor at a jet operating company. He gained skills and knowledge on how his system worked.

Sergey Petrossov once wanted to book a private jet, but the process was very tiresome; he decided to formulate a new plan to ensure that people do not have to experience the same. He founded JetSmarter Company offering various services to their clients; Sergey adopted the uber-like system and services which has made the private jet booking process straightforward saving on time and money. JetSmarter has a net worth of over $1 billion, thanks to investments by Jay-Z, members of the Saudi Royal Family as well as Wayne Chang. Over the years Sergey Petrossov has been recognized by various companies for his skills and contributions to the society. He is determined to make more innovations in the aviation business and expand it to reach a wide range of people.

Andy Wirth Feels Community Input Will Revive Squaw Valley

Andy Wirth has taken to the op-ed section of the Auburn Journal to discuss how Squaw Valley’s future could be changed with the right amount of community input. Wirth does not hold back in the first paragraph. He points out that tourism is down in the spring months. North Lake Tahoe, despite being a great destination for visitors, is not drawing in the visitor numbers it needs to remain vibrant. Wirth also points out other resort regions with year-round activities further cut into the revenue that Squaw Valley once received.

What is Wirth’s proposed solution to the situation? Wirth is focusing very heavily on community input and outreach. Who would know better than how to help the local region than the people and business owners in the geographic area. The undertaking of procuring insights from the community is not a small one. Over 500 community meetings have been held in the region. In addition to using these meetings as a source of feedback, a process has been set up to solicit and analyze comments and suggestions from various sources outside of the meeting time. Hopefully, the work done at these events will aid in coming up with a new plan, a plan that both supports the local economy and the environment.

Andy Wirth is definitely someone to look towards when interested in hearing the opinions of a person known to deliver successful results. Wirth serves as the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings and he truly understands the resort industry quite well. He works with many other organizations in the Lake Tahoe area and helps support the region in many ways.

Andy Wirth has also overcome a near fatal skydiving accident. After numerous surgeries, he has been able to make a recovery. Now, he is helping those who may have suffered major injuries during military service through his support of the Navy SEAL Foundation.

Visit the op-ed page of the Auburn Journal to read the full text of Mr. Wirth’s article.

Skout Has The Ability To Let Me Travel

I never liked sitting at my computer all day, that’s why I was never big on the Skout network. I only started using Skout more often, after I decided to download the application to my phone, as well as to my tablet. I got more and more into the Skout network, and I met many friends as well. For some reason, I had never heard about Skout Travel, but when I found out about it, I decided to try it for myself. Skout Travel is a feature that’s on the Skout network, and it allows me to travel virtually, anywhere in the world that I choose.

There is a big list of places that I can visit on the Skout network, and it’s unbelievable all the things that I can learn. I decided to take my first virtual trip, and it only cost me 25 Skout points. After paying the points, I decided I wanted to go somewhere in the UK. I chose to change my mind last minute and instead, I ended up visiting Paris. I’m absolutely amazed at the things that I saw, as well as the things that I learned, after visiting Paris. I also took time to speak with someone from the country, and I’m amazed at what I learned.

Altogether, I visited Paris three times through the Skout Travel feature. The friend that I met in Paris, has talked to me every day, since the first time I visited. We also talk on the phone now, and it’s no guessing where I will be spending my summer vacation. As a graduation present, I was offered a trip to anywhere in the world, and that’s the reason I decided to start virtually traveling.

It didn’t take very long before I fell in love with Paris, and I know of certain street names, sites, as well as the food that they eat there. Since I know so much about Paris, and I even know someone from there, I’m going to make it a point to visit this summer. I’m going to get to spend a month and a half in Paris, learning new things, eating new foods, and having a great time.


There Are More Ubers in NYC than Regular Cabs

Uber officially outnumbers yellow cabs in the Big Apple. According to the Taxi and Limousine Commission there are now a whopping 14,088 black and luxury Ubers on the streets on New York, versus just 13,587 taxis. It’s not a huge discrepancy in numbers, but it’s a notable one. NYC has long fought the growth of Uber in the city. City taxis are heavily regulated and require the use of taxi medallion, something that is in short demand and require a significant investment.

Sergio Cortes ( knows that Uber doesn’t require any of that, making it great for drivers, but not great for the city. After quite a bit of negotiations, Uber has worked with New York to start growing in the city, primarily through the use of “luxury” cars instead of Uber X, its low-cost alternative to taxis.

Still, Uber has started to lure some long time taxi drivers. The service allows drivers to set their own schedule, drive when they want, and in theory have unlimited earning potential since they’re setting their own hours and working whenever they want. The luxury car fares are also slightly higher than that of taxis, further improving a driver’s earnings.

The Antique Wine Company

For anyone looking for the finest wine in the world, it is necessary to turn to a company that knows a thing or two about the wine industry. The Antique Wine Company is a leading company in quality wine sales. In fact, the company only specializes in the finest wine in the world, so now only is this wine the best of the best, yet with much of the wine costing a rather hefty amount, it really is only for those serious about the best wine and who can afford it.

For starters, The Antique Wine Company, which was founded in 1982, now has a total of over 20,000 different clients. These clients live in over 70 countries, so there is a wide demographic of individuals who are represented by the company. It just shows it is the end all, be all company in regards to quality wine. It has a larger selection of wine in its vintage cellars, as over 10,000 different bottles of wine are available here. Beyond this, the majority of the wines are high sticker prices, as these wines are rare and difficult to come by. This is why The Antique Wine Company is so important to a wine collector or fan. If there is a hard to find wine, The Antique Wine Company has it.

The Antique Wine Company offers different kinds of wine series. There is one known as the Grand Chateau Series, which offers 18 bottles from a corresponding state, bottled and produced during both the 20th and 21st century. Each 18 bottle series comes in a beautiful case. Some of the series also span a total of 141 years, with the earliest bottle produced in 1868.

The Antique Wine Company is also a company to turn to when buying individual vintage bottles. In fact, the most expensive bottle ever sold came from The Antique Wine Company and cost an astounding 75,000 pounds. The individual who purchased it placed the bottle on display in his restaurant in Bali, but he had no interest in just sitting on the bottle. He eventually consumed the bottle, which has a vintage year of 1811. Check out the company on Linkedin.