Louis Chenevert Leads Major Company

Becoming the CEO of a major corporation is a career goal for many people. Louis Chenevert is the CEO of United Technologies. During his career, he was able to move up the corporate ladder quickly. He is also an avid investor in real estate.

Although he has a busy schedule, Louis Chenevert spends a lot of his time helping others. He lives in Canada and wants to help the government improve the education system. Many students do not have access to quality education in Canada.

Dealing With Stress

One of the most challenging aspects of leading a major company is dealing with stress. Few people can manage high levels of stress efficiently. Louis Chenevert lives a healthy lifestyle to improve his stress management. Each day, he eats natural food choices that are full of vitamins. He also exercises as often as possible. Through these daily habits, he can deal with high levels of stress more effectively.


Another critical aspect of managing a company is leadership. When Louis Chenevert took over United Technologies, the turnover rate was increasing quickly. Louis Chenevert had to make several significant adjustments to the company. Not only did he improve wages for employees, but he also added additional benefits as well.


While running a large company, Louis Chenevert still took time for his investments. He is a huge advocate for real estate investing. Louis Chenevert believes that real estate investing is the best way for a person to build wealth over time. He owns dozens of real estate properties in Canada. These properties generate monthly cash flow for him to use.

In the years ahead, Louis Chenevert has numerous plans to improve United Technologies. United Technologies is expanding, and it is one of the leading companies in the technology industry.


The Good Nature of Goettl Technologies

Goettl is one of the leading companies in the United States specializing in air conditioners installation and maintenance. The company has its headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. They have offices in other cities such as Las Vegas and Tucson, Arizona. Other than just business, the company is committed to helping the less fortunate in the society. Their most recent deed is a revelation of their kindness. The company recently provided a family from Las Vegas with a reason to smile by fixing their air conditioner, heat unit, and their toilet. The Stephenson Abana family that consists of a single mother and her two daughters were thrilled to be the recipients of Goettl hospitality.

The manager in charge of this project was Michael Gamst. He says that Goettl heard the cry of this family and decided to swing into action. The whole operation was conducted free of charge as a way of giving back to the community. The family also received other gifts and donations from Goettl and another non-profit organization called Triple5teens. The family appreciated this kind offering saying that they can now believe again. The new installations will see electricity bill reduced by half. Despite working in areas dominated by warm weather, Goettl has always emphasized the need of having a heating unit that is functioning properly.

The Goettl Company was established by the Goettl Brothers many years ago. They were led by the great depression to Phoenix, Arizona where they started offering cooling and heating technology to the residents. As of today, the company offers its services to homes and businesses.

Some of the projects that the company has worked on include; the Verde Sante Fe Golf Course project, the Del Webb Cottonwood Ranch as well as the Mountain Gate. Other projects that the company is currently working on include those on Granville, Prescott Valley, and Prescott Lakes.

Learn more about the company at Goettlshdm.com.