The Career Life of Rick Smith Securus

A lot of technological advancements happen over time. It is, therefore, important to be part of the transformation so that no one is left behind. Securus Technologies is a firm that is broadly known alongside the idea of prison technology. Good leadership is in place and thus the reason behind its success in its operations. It is named after Rick Smith Securus who is the company’s president as well as the CEO. To ascertain success in the operations of the firm, Rick Smith is an active leader and is capable of setting relevant strategies to ensure so. The company objective is to make sure that they offer technical assistance that can improve the security state of the society. What the firm presently has its focus on is the attainment of both the Civil as well as the criminal justice. Notably, he facilitates the managerial role regarding remedial solutions concerning crime as well as ways of preventing it. It applies to all regardless of their state of freedom.

The entry of Rick Smith to Securus Technologies was in 2008. He has given service in different capacities in the company. Following his exemplary performance, he gradually received promotions and finally got to the highest executive position in the enterprise. His earlier service in other institutions makes him rich in experience. He worked in many positions at Eschelon including CEO, Chief Operating Officer, the president and the Chief Financial Officer.Before getting to serve in the company, he rose to the Vice President’s position at the Frontier Corp dealing with the managerial role of finance. The length of service in the company by Smith took twenty years. To get an impressive resume, he had to work at different levels over time.

Per education, Rick Smith holds an associate Electrical Engineering’s degree. He achieved this from Rochester Institute of Technology. This complements his other MBA from the University. His Master’s degree in Mathematics is from The Brookport’s State University of New York. Additionally, he owns another degree from Buffalo’s State University.Securus Technologies has given a lot of facilitation to Rick Smith’s dedication to present technology and using it to improve the lives and performance of those under restraint. Worth noting is that the inmates get it thus become informed about the ongoing progress outside their restrictions.Technology is good when used correctly. It is, therefore, necessary that there exist certain regulations by the Securus Limited to ensure that it is used the right way.The fact that Securus Technologies has qualified plans and a excellent leadership is an implication that it is destined for greatness. It is because everything is running well and there are no complications in its course of operation.

The Search Fixers Protect Your Online Reputation


In this modern era of digital technology the simple and often frustrating truth is that the first page of a companies Google search results can have more affect on public perception than even the most expensive ad campaign. This level of information freedom can be a bad thing for companies who need to fix bad online reputation. The key is knowing how to protect against sudden bursts of negative attention and fix bad search results.

If a modern business expect to maintain a strong online presence then they need a basic understanding of Online Reputation Management. The key to online reputation management is being active. The internet is a constant torrent of new information pushing in. Sometimes this digital wave recycles old information and sometimes it pushes it down to the depths where nobody can see it. If you simply create a website for your business and let it sit then you are not using it to it’s fullest potential.

Whether the source is known or anonymous, the accusations true or false, once negative information is out there in public eyes it can be very damaging to a company that has nothing to counteract it. Even if it is just a bad review or a former employee venting steam online, if a company offers nothing in return then the attack simply sits there like a dark stain on the front of the search page. It may even begin to grow and spread, blotting out your companies carefully crafted image as the bad press attracts attention and gets linked and reposted over and over again.

Internet reputation repair gets its name because it is an active process. This can be a time consuming process however. If you feel your business does not allow for the time to do this kind of work properly then it may be worthwhile to seek out a third party. The Search Fixers are an online reputation management group who specializes in counteracting negative information with positive information in order to fix negative search results. This way if your reputation comes under attack you have the ability to create your own message and the means to put that front and center. Once you have your message, The Search Fixers’ reputation management consultants have the connections and knowledge to ensure that it finds its way to as many eyes as possible. This reputation management service lets your company guide online discussion in the direction that you want and buffers your search results from bad press.

While it can be frustrating, investing time and energy into good online reputation can yield major positive results and protect you from negative backlash.

Yahoo Finance Reports On Slyce’s Last Quarter

Just recently, Yahoo Finance covered the 4th Quarter Reports and year end results around the company visual search company, Slyce. This is interesting information for anyone who might be concerned with new technology, new trends and companies to trust. I believe that Slyce is doing great things in the online shopping community. By making these reports public on Yahoo Finance, investors and other interested parties can see all of the actual details on the company and know why this company is growing so rapidly.

In the Business Highlights section of the report, several new relationships between Slyce and major retailers are revealed. These relationships help keep Slyce running as a valuable tool on their users’ mobile devices. People who use visual search for products using Slyce will have a high likelihood of finding what they want to purchase if Slyce continues to have these great relationships with retailers. Some of the relationships covered in this section of the report were between Slyce and, Neiman Marcus, Urban Outfitters and several other major retailers.

In the Technical Highlights section of the report, Yahoo Finance reports on a number of new developments to Slyce’s application that are making it easier for users to find what they are looking for in their online shopping experience. One of the main upgrades to Slyce in the past year is the Universal Scanner that the application now uses. It was unveiled on October 5th of 2015, and it is Slyce’s core product to offer. It is a newly integrated solution to help retailers relay product information to consumers when a consumer searches for a product. The Universal Scanner recognizes all different types of objects based on pictures, actual objects or all types of barcodes.

In the Financing Updates section, Yahoo Finance reports that Slyce has “terminated its short term prospectus offering.” Apparently, Slyce’s financial solutions to maintaining their business operations and growing as a company have changed in the recent past. As of mid to late February, a lead investor has stepped forward to purchase $3.5 million units of Slyce. Slyce is expected to finish off their investment planning and cover the remaining amount of financing in the near future.

This was made clear in a statement from the CEO of Slyce: “Recent private placement funding enables continued execution of Slyce’s strategies.”