Give and You Shall Receive: Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera began his adult life in an upward direction. His first venture was to serve. Immediately after his high school graduation, he enlisted with the Marine Corps Reserve which was the stepping stone to who Perry Mandera became today. His role in the military was a truck driver throughout his tour of duty which then paved the way to Perry building a successful career in the transportation industry. After his honorable discharge from his military service, Perry worked for a few transportation companies before he himself founded Custom Companies Inc. in Chicago, Illinois in 1986. Their motto of The Custom Companies, Inc., is “One Call Does It All employs more than 300 people and has seen sales well over $200 million. It is no surprise that this trucking mogul serves on the Illinois Trucking Association Board of Directors (Releasefact).

Perry Mandera is no ordinary entrepreneur. He’s always given back to the community and has donated considerable amounts of money but to Perry that was not enough. That was when he expanded his generosity into creating Custom Cares Charities. Custom Cares Charities has funded many youth sports teams in Chicago and some Illinois communities. Custom Cares also makes available educational funding to poor, destitute and or abused young adults and kids. Perry Mandera truly believes in the spirit of” paying it forward”. Custom Company Inc. has transported truckloads of food and supplies to the victims impacted by Hurricane Katrina. Perry has also donated supplies to people who experienced great loss from the California wild fires and has used Custom Cares Charities to donate tens of thousands of dollars for destitute families during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

Perry Mandera is a Christian believer who regularly goes to church along with his family ( He is one of the humblest entrepreneurs who wants to offer his support to society in so many way and his big-heartedness continues to be felt in communities throughout Illinois and the country.