NGP VAN Technology Campaigning Software

NGPVAN is the most used technology provider for democratic, ongoing campaigns nonprofit organizations, institutions, and other social groups. It offers their members a united platform for a well-organized fundraising agreement, their activities on the ground, digital and a variety of social networking products. It has facilitated many events in all 50 states, the organizers, volunteers, and strategist have used this platform on important issues. For instance, electing of us president and senators including the presidential campaign. It has also been used to bring forward different social equality issues such as gender justice, education matters, other inspiring leaders by helping them actualize their ideas.


NGP VAN facilitated “Day Without a Woman” to acknowledge all female employees and charity for organizations that look out for women. Besides, they went further in looking out for women from various backgrounds and different working fields. By hosting this event, NGPVAN has demonstrated its core values in gender equality.


In political campaigns, it provides analyzed data, which helps both political parties in understanding the voters’ political views and attitude, what is expected of them, changes they seek in the government and craft smart campaigns. NGP VAN is the first technology software to bring aspects of voter awareness and its campaigning tools in data analyzing in the market. The technology is a great tool for political campaigns and helps voters an easier platform to air and know others views too. The MiniVAN App is available on smartphone, which helps users in volunteering to the campaigns. The app has a wide range of use by organizations interested in building their voter base to collect information at large events.


Being an organization that helps facilitate positive campaigns, it has also acknowledged the importance of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer [LGBTQ] vote. It has of late offered more awareness inclusive properties in their software to make the society understand more about them. It has incorporated the use of non-biased referring words in voter’s records in this way donors, volunteers, and voters can be addressed in an appropriate way, which promotes an extensive view on gender.