Andy Wirth Feels Community Input Will Revive Squaw Valley

Andy Wirth has taken to the op-ed section of the Auburn Journal to discuss how Squaw Valley’s future could be changed with the right amount of community input. Wirth does not hold back in the first paragraph. He points out that tourism is down in the spring months. North Lake Tahoe, despite being a great destination for visitors, is not drawing in the visitor numbers it needs to remain vibrant. Wirth also points out other resort regions with year-round activities further cut into the revenue that Squaw Valley once received.

What is Wirth’s proposed solution to the situation? Wirth is focusing very heavily on community input and outreach. Who would know better than how to help the local region than the people and business owners in the geographic area. The undertaking of procuring insights from the community is not a small one. Over 500 community meetings have been held in the region. In addition to using these meetings as a source of feedback, a process has been set up to solicit and analyze comments and suggestions from various sources outside of the meeting time. Hopefully, the work done at these events will aid in coming up with a new plan, a plan that both supports the local economy and the environment.

Andy Wirth is definitely someone to look towards when interested in hearing the opinions of a person known to deliver successful results. Wirth serves as the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings and he truly understands the resort industry quite well. He works with many other organizations in the Lake Tahoe area and helps support the region in many ways.

Andy Wirth has also overcome a near fatal skydiving accident. After numerous surgeries, he has been able to make a recovery. Now, he is helping those who may have suffered major injuries during military service through his support of the Navy SEAL Foundation.

Visit the op-ed page of the Auburn Journal to read the full text of Mr. Wirth’s article.