How White Shark Media Has Dealt With Clients Complaints

Over the past years, we have received client feedback, both positive and negative. In White Shark Media, we take our clients as a part of the company. Thus, we always look into their complaints and /work on them to improve our performance.
Discussed below are some of the complaints, and how we have solved them.
• Insufficient Communication
We had cases where some clients felt that our communication was not good enough because they could not communicate with their customer directly. As a consultancy company, communication is key in conducting business. Therefore, we organized occasional status calls using the GoToMeeting tool. GoToMeeting is an online conference tool that lets us share a screen with the clients who can see the progress as we proceed together.
We also put up phone systems with direct extensions. This strategy enables our clients to call their contacts without the hustle of going through a receptionist.
• Losing Touch With The AdWord Campaigns
We realized that our reporting protocol was not adequate and our clients especially small business owners could not access their reports or even monitor the progress of their campaigns.
To solve this problem, we implemented a system where we explain to the clients details about their campaigns. That way they can monitor the performance of specific keywords in their campaigns.
• Preference to Older Campaigns as Opposed to New Optimized Ones
Some of our clients felt that their old campaigns were doing better that the newly implemented ones.
To solve this, we make sure that we do not do away with the existing campaign of a new client as long as it performs well. All the successful aspects are incorporated in the campaign to produce better results.
We also have supervisors at White Shark Media who monitor every campaign as well as giving reliable feedback to every client.
• SEO Services
Some clients wish that we could offer the SEO services too. We are yet to do that, but we can advise our clients on choosing the right SEO Company.
Another major complaint is signing up a contact person whose interests are not similar to those of the client. We solve this by having our SEM Consultant dig into the client’s interests to avoid such mistakes.
Other clients complained that the campaign is created on our account and not theirs. We started allowing new clients to maintain their existing campaigns as long as they were performing well. In addition, we have teamed up with Marchex to give call tracking for the clients because they receive many customers through the phone.
White Shark Media is a Digital Marketing Company. It deals with online marketing, benefitting mostly small and standard businesses.

White Shark Media: Striving For Perfection

White Shark Media has had it’s fair share of complaints. Many businesses get complaints, but it’s only the successful ones that deal with them efficiently. White Shark Media continues to work diligently on reducing the number of complaints, showing a happy client base. Complaints over the years range from, “I don’t feel communication is good enough.” to “After signing up I got a contact person who wasn’t in tune with my needs.” Making complaints right is a priority with White Shark Media, here’s what they’ve done.

For the clients who didn’t “Feel Like Communication Was Good Enough.”

White Shark Media implemented monthly status calls with the purpose of reviewing results from the last 30 days. White Shark also uses GoTomeeting, an online conference tool that lets them share screens with their client, making reviewing accounts easy and personal.
Another communication helper is the phone systems with direct extensions to each client’s personal contact person. When a client signs up with White Shark they automatically get an e-mail with all necessary contact info.

When a client’s old campaigns were performing better than optimized campaigns.

This can be an extremely frustrating problem for White Shark’s clients. However to counter this White Shark uses all of the successful aspects of the old campaign, along with adding their own professional spin to make the campaign as effective as possible. All of this along with the direct overseeing of all campaigns by White Shark’s experienced supervisors that provide feedback in the monthly updates mentioned above.

Sometimes customers feel like their contact person is not in tune with their needs.

White Shark provides senior SEM consultants that follow each client every step of the way.

“The campaign is created on your account- I don’t like that.”

White Shark was prompt to fix this problem. In 2012, they started using new AdWords accounts to make sure to develop new campaigns from scratch.

“I don’t know how to track my AdWords performance.”

White Shark Media feels very strongly that every client should be able to track the performance of their AdWords account. White shark utilizes technologies such as conversion tracking, call tracking and Google Analytics, all free of charge.

White Shark focuses on dealing with complaints promptly, in order to keep their clients happy. It’s important to detail your complaints the best you can so they know exactly how to fix it.

The Changing Methods Of SEO

As the Internet changes, so do the methods. Search engines are always changing their algorithms. As a result of the changes, some of the sites fall off of the first page while others stay strong. There have been a lot of comments from Internet marketers how their sites have fallen off due to the changes that search engines have made to their algorithms. However, a lot of these users have resorted to tactics that search engines do not approve of. Search engines are always evolving to provide search results to people that are totally relevant to what they are searching for.

When search engines upgrade, they look at what they user looks for when typing in their searches. They also look at the site in order to see what type of content that it has. They also take into consideration the traffic. For instance, what do people look at when they visit a site. One thing that can give a hint to the quality of the experience that a website is offering is how long the visitor stays on the site. If the visitor stays for a while and even clicks on more links within the site to look at more content, then the search engines will put that into consideration. If sites that visitors enjoy are disappearing, then that is a huge problem for search engines.

Among the marketers that know how to provide content that users enjoy is White Shark Media. White Shark Media will provide content that stays on top of search results due to the honest and relevant content that they present to the user. While many sites bounce around on the search results, White Shark Media keeps a consistent ranking on the search pages. They are reliable for getting their own sits to rank high enough for success. Therefore they can be trusted to present timeless content that is survive the different changes to the search algorithms.

When it comes to SEO, it is very important for one to use ethical tactics. These types of tactics may take a little longer to rank high on search engines, but they also stay up on the search results for the marketers due to the honest and straightforward approach they take with their content. Search engines reward people for all of their honest work. They also reward people with all of their research and their learning when it ocmes to properly using SEO.

Source: White Shark Media Blog

White Shark Media

White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency, that assists small to medium sized businesses by formulating marketing strategies, specifically for the individual needs of each company, to increase their business profits. Of course, businesses who are in the marketing/service industry are going to get many compliments from their clients, but at the same time, they will receive complaints, as well. White Shark Media has chosen to use the complaints they receive from their clients, to their advantage and learn from their mistakes, to improve upon their services for their clients.

Some of the things that clients complained about were that they weren’t able to keep track of their campaign’s progress after signing on with White Shark. Clients felt that communications between them and White Shark Media were lacking and inadequate. Another problem was that old campaigns that the clients had, functioned better then the new campaign programs that White Shark had created, and the clients wanted to go back to having their camapaigns function the old way. The clients would have also liked it if White Shark had SEO services because they felt that in their business, SEO programs would have been sufficient as a marketing tool.

White Shark listened to their clients’ concerns, they addressed them, and then they implemented new strategies that would improve the marketing functions of White Shark Media so they would satisfy all of their clients’ needs. They did that by opening up the lines of communications with their clients, especially the new ones. They learned about the types of businesses their clients had; what the clients’ business goals were, and they discovered what the clients expected from them as a marketing agency, in the way of fulfilling their marketing needs. White Shark then went to work tailoring specific programs and campaigns to fit every individual business.

White Shark Media implemented frequent phone and online meetings with clients, to get updates of progress, or what needed to be done to make their campaigns function more efficiently. The reviews of marketing results were conducted to make sure their campaigns were working for the clients, and if not, they would strive to figure out how they could improve the effectiveness of the marketing strategies, to achieve the results that their clients wanted.

White Shark Media listened to their clients’ concerns about their marketing strategies, and if there was room for improvement, they took action to fix the things that were wrong with how they set up campaigns for their clients. White Shark Media has become a better marketing company and they’ve grown because they decided to learn from their clients complaints, instead of being in denial about their existing problems, doing nothing about them, and losing business because their customers were unsatisfied with their service.