The Many Benefits Of Video Visitation By Securus

Securus Technologies is on a mission to let you know about video visitation. Video visitation is a technological innovation that allows prisoners to virtually visit with their families and friends. It works much like a video chat, but it would be shortsighted to equate this technology with a mirror video chat.


This technology allows prisons to set up an ergonomic schedule for visitation. Anybody trying to call an inmate can set up an account at the Securus website. The account is pretty simple and self-explanatory, allowing the user to request a video visitation time to their liking.


The requested time is then kicked to the prison. The prison either confirms, changes the time, or denies the video visitation. Either way, the user is notified virtually immediately. The video chat part of the service starts at the scheduled time when the user logs in to their Securus account.


The applications of this technology are far-reaching. This technology allows a family to bring an inmate into their lives intimately. Since the video chat can happen over any high-speed Internet connection using any capable electronic device, the video visit is portable. Families can bring inmate into their living rooms for children’s birthday parties, introduce an inmate to a new family pet, or allow an inmate to help a child with homework. This can all be done without leaving the comfort of the family’s home.


This technology is already connecting 160,000 people per month. Every year more people choose video visitation, and this year over 2 million people connected. The average cost of this technology is $2.72 per virtual visit.


This technology is leading the industry and making competitors jealous. Competitor companies are busy making up rumors about the technology, saying that families are forced to use it in lieu of physical visitation. The truth is families are choosing this technology over physical visitation.


The Benefits of the Securus Technology

Prison life can be difficult for everyone who is involved. Not only does this involve the person who is actually in prison, but it is also awful for the family members and children who might be involved. I personally found it difficult when a relative of my own was put into prison for over a year. It felt like I could never see them and had a lot of issues when it came to communicating. This is why and when I found the Securus system and why I began to make use of it for my own needs.

The reason I love the Securus technology as much as I do is because it enables safe and secure video chatting from the comfort of your own home. What this meant for me was that I did not have to make those long and grueling trips to the prison that was over two hours away from me just to see my relative. It allowed my relative to also get a feel for home and know that we were all still there and waiting for them to get home themselves. I will never go back to using other systems anymore now that I know about Securus.

There are so many different people out there who are struggling with prison life and the overall communication with those who are put away. Whether you have a loved one who is gone for years or just a couple of months, the communication can be totally frustrating for you. I will continue to tell people about my own experience using Securus and why I love the system for all that it is worth. It has saved me a lot of gas and trips just to see my loved one who happens to be in the prison system.


Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.