The Inside Scoop On Visual Search & Image Recognition

The traditional way to search for information online was to type information into the search box of a popular search engine online. The search engine would return a list of results and the searcher would click on the links to find the information desire. However, visual search is a new way to search. Visual search is designed for those that are visually oriented. For example, a searcher looking for product information might scan the object with a camera on their mobile. The software on the mobile performs the visual search and provides the customer with more product recognition.

Visual Search Technology
Major companies have designed a visual search engine platform that makes it possible for a consumer to perform a visual search by scanning the object with their mobile camera. It is a real time process that returns the images instantly. The consumer might take a picture of a electronic product that they see in a store, a piece of clothing, or even an automobile. The visual search application on their mobile returns information about the product with a link to purchase the product. Some applications allow the user to share their visual search with their friends on social media sites. Visual search technology actually uses image recognition to analyze the scan and search a database online that is loaded with millions of images.

Slyce is a top leader in visual search technology. Certainly, retailers across the country recognized that visual search improved product brand recognition and improved sales. Therefore, they were eager to connect with an organization like Slyce that provided advanced image recognition technology that was able to identify a product and quickly determine matches. Major retailers across the country are encouraging their customers to use visual search to purchase products that they see in a display, a magazine, or newspaper. Slyce provides a way for their client to integrate visual search into their current shopping applications. Slyce is revolutionizing the consumer market. They are definitely changing the way that people search.