Some People Have More Money Than Sense

We all aspire to be rich because it gives us the ability to enjoy anything that money can buy. This being said, I would probably purchase some high priced items including a fancy car and maybe a house with a pool located in a sunny climate. I would also secure the futures of my children with bank accounts and savings bonds. After all that was complete, I am sure my practical side would kick in and investments would begin.

Anybody on the internet knows the Kardashians have more money than sense, and Kim proved it when she decided to celebrate her husband Kanye West’s 38th birthday. She rented the Staples center to have a basketball party for her adult husband. The cost of this party, which was only one night of entertainment, was $110,000. It seems unbelievable and sickening to spend so much money on one night, and not even for North’s birthday, but for the birthday of an adult man. I wonder if the Kardashians want to adopt my family and me.