Hussain Sajwani; From Rags to Riches

It is evident that the Dubai real estate industry continues to exhibit growth. Over the past few years, a few people have been able to delve into this industry and contribute to its development by investing their resources and talents as well as passion. One such person is Hussain Sajwani, the owner of DAMAC Properties. Even though as of now he is fondly referred to as a billionaire, it is evident that Sajwani the DAMAC owner was not raised with a silver spoon in his mouth. His path to success was filled with a couple of challenges that currently render him a successful tag. Here is a look at how he has been able to transform the real estate industry of Dubai.

Background Information

Hussain Sajwani grew up in the Middle East. He was also born to dedicated parents who put him on the right path of growth by teaching him how to uphold his roots. More than that, it was important for Sajwani the DAMAC owner to understand how the business worked because he would later take over the realms of leadership in the industry. For instance, every time a client popped into the shop, his father would guide him on how to make sales. Besides, he got into the business and initiated progress by welcoming new clients. As he recalls, for his father, the business involved a lot of travelling where he could bring goods from China. Every time his father travelled, he had to step in for him and serve as the manager.

Starting his Business

According to Sajwani the DAMAC owner really wanted to work with his father as per the wishes of Ali Sajwani, it was impossible because he also wanted to chase his dreams as a young person. Therefore, faced with the decision of making tough choices, he settled for earning an education in the United States of America after joining the Washington University. While there, Hussain Sajwani the DAMAC owner dedicated most of his time to passing his exams. That way, he was able to score high grades and land an employment opportunity as the contracts manager of GASCO, a company specializing in the supply of oil and gas. While there, he made sure that he was in a position to create friendships from different high – profile companies. It was at that moment that Sajwani knew he was more interested in building a business empire. A food catering business it was. From serving thousands of clients every day, he was now able to establish DAMAC Properties.

The Observation

DAMAC Properties is a prominent real estate firm that serves the commercial and residential needs of clients in Dubai, the Middle East and other states like America as well. With the input of Hussain Sajwani, the company has managed to gather trillions in its shares as a leading property developer. To make sure that this is maintained, Sajwani the DAMAC owner (@HussainSajwaniOfficial) has created very impressive entrepreneurial relations with President Donald Trump and the likes. As of now, he is revered for shaping the industry of real estate in Dubai.

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The Freindship And Business Between Hussain Sajwani And Donald Trump

Hussain Sajwani is looking forward to more successful deals between the real estate firm of Donald Trump and Damac Properties. President Trump is refraining from any new deals during his time in office but their relationship extends beyond business. Their children and wives have also become friends. The Damac owner believes their business relationship is important for these relationships. The wives correspond through emails, have entertained one another in their homes and meet in New York for lunch or dinner whenever possible.

Donald Trump’s children have all become linked to powerful politicians because they represent the company’s brand to wealthy foreigners. Ivanka has attended business meetings in thirteen separate countries since 2010. Hussain Sajwani has commented that Ivanka was so immersed in a project during her pregnancy she continued working until just a few days prior to delivery. When Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump met prior to his winning the election they both knew their business with Damac Properties and Trump Enterprises would need to be handled by the new generation.

There have been red flags waved regarding this friendship. Hussain Sajwani has brushed off any possible concern. He has stated he is not involved with anything political through Damac Properties. He is simply carrying on with an important friendship between the families. Hussain Sajwani has a close relationship with the emir of Dubai. Donald Trump has numerous business holding considered unusual for a President. Donald Trump has also refused to liquidate his company. Despite this, the transition team for Donald Trump has been working to eliminate any conflicts arising from his association with Hussain Sajwani and Damac Properties.

As mentioned on NBC News, the business relationship between the two men will be carried out by the executives and the next generation. Ivanka has plans to donate any proceeds from her novel to charity. The Trump Organization and the Trump administration are being laminated seamlessly. This has become a high priority goal to ensure the business is in compliance with all current regulations and rules. The bottom line is the friendship between Donald Trump and Hussain Sajwani is expected to continue just as it has during the past.

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Jim Toner Is A Real Estate Expert Who Teaches What He Knows to Average People

Jim Toner has been working as a radio show host, a speaker, a consultant, and an investor in real estate for quite some time now. He has appeared all over the United States to offer speaking engagements that cover the worth of investing intelligently in real estate. Some of the people and organizations he has spoken with include The Napoleon Hill Foundation, Frank McKinney, Sharon Lechter, Bill Bartmann, and many others. He brings a load of experience and expertise to the table when it comes to making solid and profitable real estate investments and hopes to make the process easier for the average person.

Jim Toner gets paid thousands of dollars to travel all over the United States where he shares his knowledge with people who are willing to fork over their hard-earned money in order to have access to what he knows. Not only does he bring more than two and a half decades of direct experience with him, but he also knows how to communicate with people, so they understand how to succeed themselves. It is his 12 Little Houses Plan that has struck a chord with many regular Americans who are looking to achieve financial freedom through his teachings.

As a philanthropist, Jim Toner has dedicated himself to working for those who are living in poverty or who have faced other kinds of adversity. He has been recognized on a national level for his dedication to working with the homeless and veterans. He works with the Frank and Nilsa McKinney’s Caring House Project Foundation as an active member and also serves on the Advisory Board Chair of a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Salvation Army branch. Toner also coaches people through groups and has a Private Client Group where he sometimes will accept new students who want to learn more about the real estate investment business.

Jim Toner is the author of “The Consumer’s Guide To Investment Real Estate: How to PROFIT In… Today’s Market Using History’s Greatest Wealth Builder,” and inside the book, there are teachings that cut through the noise in the industry. Not only does the book cover real accounts from regular people who changed their life by using Jim Toner’s system for real estate investing, but there is also information on how to find the right kinds of deals that lead to real wealth. Inside the book, Jim also reveals many of the secrets that the phony hucksters, charlatans, and fakes do not, and he reveals that investing in real estate is not something you do lightly. Countless people have discovered financial freedom through what Jim Toner has to teach, and he hopes to continue reaching regular people who are looking to better their lives through his knowledge and experience.

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Adam Milstein: Building A Coalition of Tolerance

In today’s world, it seems as if people are far less tolerant of those who fail to look like them or believe as they do regarding religious or social issues. This has been especially true when it comes to today’s radical viewpoints of many toward Israel, which Adam Milstein feels have become much more intense in recent years. Whether it has been various anti-Semitic demonstrations in the United States or attacks against those living in Israel by radical extremists, Adam is determined to fight today’s atmosphere of hatred with love and compassion. To do so, he has chosen to focus his efforts on being an author, philanthropist, and entrepreneur.

To make sure as many Jewish families as possible in Israel and other countries receive help with educational and other opportunities, Adam Milstein and his wife Gila have started the Milstein Family Foundation. By doing so, they work with a variety of groups to help in numerous ways. Eager to keep the rich traditions of the Jewish faith and heritage alive, Adam’s foundation regularly works with educational organizations specializing in the Jewish faith. As a result, they regularly ensure that numerous families in Israel and other nations receive books each month written in Hebrew, allowing them to learn the ancient language as well as more about their heritage.

Along with his numerous efforts in education and philanthropy, Adam has also carved out a very successful career in real estate investing and development. Due to his success, Adam Milstein has been able to involve himself in many other causes near and dear to his heart. One of these is becoming President of the Israeli-American Council, where he is able to speak to groups around the world about the importance of positive relations with Israel. By having this forum, Adam Milstein knows he will be looked at very closely to see how he blends diplomacy and reality together in an effort to create stimulating conversations among diverse groups. By continuing to make people think about today’s important issues, Adam knows he can indeed make a positive difference in the lives of people everywhere.

Tips On Buying Real Estate

Buying a real estate is a significant decision, which requires extensive investigation. Following are some practical tips that owners should consider before taking this important step.

Take notice of the neighborhood because the quality of neighborhood will likely influence the type of tenants and vacancy rates. In addition, it is a good idea to check the property tax. In some neighborhoods, the property tax is very high compared to adjacent localities, which ultimately reduces the net profit of real estate investment. Regarding tax, potential owners should also understand the relationship between tax and long-term appreciation of property. Sometimes, it is practical to buy house in an area of higher tax because prices in these areas tend to increase quickly compared to other localities. Perhaps, real estate adviser can provide you a better idea of historical tax rates and rate of returns.

Remember, real estate price depends on multiple factors. Therefore, don’t automatically assume that a house in a high-income yield area will also have a low crime rate. Sometimes, crimes and locality of houses near commercial hotpots go hand-in-hand. Also, look for the police presence in the area. Neighborhood watch and related community initiative is a good sign that locals are proactive. As such, look for crime statistics in a particular area, and take notice of growth in crime rates.

It is also not uncommon for potential real estate investors to buy a house in an area of new commercial activity. In the process, they often forget that the house price may also react negatively to commercial activity in the area. If you ever wanted to buy a house or invest in a property, talk to reputable real estate advisers who can provide practical advice. For instance, Boraie Development Inc. is an expert in real estate development offering services in almost anything that has to do with real estate. From real estate development to property management and sales, companies such as Boraie Development Inc. can provide real estate advice on all matter related to property investment. In addition, they can also guide investors on new projects in the area, which may offer even better investment yield in the long-run.

A New Future for Development in New Jersey

Real estate development is coming to the forefront with several projects being spurred in New Jersey in recent years. Thanks to visionaries who have a broader vision for what the people in New Jersey need, transformations continue to occur as developers collaborate to make dreams come true in the Garden State. Newark, Atlantic city, and New Brunswick are a few of several locations in New Jersey that are experiencing rapid growth right now and part of its success is attributed to great leadership and real estate visionaries.

Newark on the RiseThe city of Newark is experiencing a rebirth and renaissance, and it is mostly due to the vision of Omar Boraie, president of Boraie Development LLC. For the past four decades, this real estate developmer has influenced a transformation in the city thanks to projects he oversaw.

Newark is a true example of American urban renewal. Since the 1960s and 70s, Newark has gone through some drastic changes in terms of its landscape compared to 40 years ago. Boraie Development is helping to spearhead that development with the redevelopment of New Brunswick’s downtown area.

More Residential Choices in Newark

As mentioned in NJ Biz, industry insiders met at the Newark CRE Summit to discuss the future of projects in Newark. Leaders agreed that Newark finally has a collection of projects that are all going on at the same time which will create new markets and provide more options for students who choose to study in the city. At the forefront of this new development is Wasseem Boriaie, who now has 10 major projects under construction or in planning at the moment.

With its close proximity to Manhattan, the future for Newark looks promising thanks to developers like Wasseem Boriaie who envision a positive future for the city. Eventually, more investors will become attracted to Newark which will draw in more institutional capital which is what the city lacked in the past.