Jim Toner Offers Some Unshakeable Advice For Real Estate Investors

Jim Toner knows quite a bit about the American recession that has been hitting the housing sector for years, now. He has watched as many Americans have been scammed and has been trying to offer advice to help them make the right investments in the real estate market. He has been a real estate investor and entrepreneur for over two and a half decades and wants investors to know that the United States is coming into a time of great possibilities in investing.

Jim Toner has been clear when he has said that an investor’s attitude has everything to do with how successful they can become. Instead of looking at the financial crash that occurred in 2008 as the fault of the real estate industry, he has turned the focus back onto investors, themselves, whose bad decisions really caused it. Right now, according to Jim Toner, the real estate market is at a low, and now is the time to buy. He believes the best thing an investor in real estate can do today is to surround themselves with smart and talented individuals that can help them to learn as much as possible.

Jim Toner has been talking about the importance of strengthening, both, our bodies and our minds. He is sure that hard work, determination, and doing things the right way will lead to an investor’s success. But, investors need to focus on their overall health and wellness to ensure that they are up-to-par and that they are clear enough to make the right decisions. Toner has admitted that he has tried to find success while he was out of shape and in poor health and that it was extremely difficult for him.

Jim Toner also suggests that everyone should laugh a little more because being too serious is not going to help lift anyone’s spirits or motivate them. Along with this, he suggests that real estate investors read plenty of books including those from well-known figures in the investment world. If you want to be rich, then the best thing you can do, according to Toner, is to stop behaving as if you were poor. See books written by Toner here.

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Jason Halpern’s JMH Development

Jason Halpern is the very Founder of JMH Development. JMH Development’s managing partner was a male born on January 1st, 1975. He is a company that has a stellar track record in construction and managing properties in New York for over 50 years. He comes from a 3rd generation real estate development company.

Jason Halpern: Born to Develop Property

JMH Development is full-service and leading real estate development company with the experience in developing or owning major commercial and residential properties across the U.S. JMH has developed the most unique and accurately positioned properties and highly desirable in Manhattan, Miami Beach, and Brooklyn markets. The JMH has a team of professional that addresses all developmental stages; diligence and strategy, site and design building, construction, and branding and marketing.

The 100s of residential apartments in NY, New and New York City and Westchester County has been built by the Halpern family. The family too has been able to develop million square feet of class A commercial spaces in Westchester County.

With the unique development expertise, vision and foresight Jason Halpern have acquired and developed several innovative, pioneering and historically significant landmark buildings. The buildings are many of them.

Jason Halpern with Crunchbase Production

There is a huge difference between Jason Halpern and other competitors. He respects the community which he develops. This has been his guiding principle throughout his work. He has niche and passion in his work in all his historic districts. He again stands out because of the rapport where he works. Through all this, he has developed significant historic properties in the New York, his city.

In charitable endeavors, Jason Halpern has spent much of his time and resources to serve his communities. His hand profoundly invested in the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Centre at Westchester Medical Centre. A Level I Trauma Centre has the facilities and talent to do open heart surgery, orthopedic surgery, complex emergency neurosurgery and reattachment of severed limbs. Cases such as burn victims, pregnant women, children multiple life-threatening internal injuries are all addressed in this center.

Jason’s Family

Jason Halpern has exhibited his philanthropism passion in his career. Through JMH Development, Jason Halpern has erected charitable initiatives. JMH Development started an innovative partnership in 2015 with non-profit global charity. In the water development projects in Nepal and Ethiopia, the JMH Development it offered $20,000 to fund the water projects. The funded and produced water projects bring and safe water to more than 650 Nepalese and Ethiopian locals. Actually, this water is got from two sources; the Relief Society of Tigray and Splash and JMH Development.

As we come to the conclusion of this matter, Jason Halpern remains dedicated and involved in using his expertise in the real estate development and benefit those around him.

José Auriemo Neto Helped Make JHSF Better Than What it Was

JHSF is a Brazilian real estate development company that has worked with retail businesses, residential developments and commercial properties. They have tried to make sure that they are providing all of their clients with the most premier service possible and this has helped them to continue being one of the top companies in Brazil for real estate development. The company is headed up by José Auriemo Neto who is the CEO and who initially worked as a real estate developer on his own before he started with JHSF. He has a lot of experience in the industry and he has worked to make sure that he can develop all of the properties that people need in different areas. Thanks to the opportunities that José Auriemo Neto had on his own, he was fully prepared to be able to make things better for all of the clients that he had with JHSF.


By preparing like this, José Auriemo Neto made things easier on himself and on the company that he was now a part of. He wanted to show people that he was an expert and that he knew what he was doing when it came to the options that he had in Brazil. He knew that JHSF would be better because of the things that he knew how to do and the connections that he had in the industry so that he could help people with all of the issues that they had and with the real estate development needs that they had and more information click here.


While José Auriemo Neto was working with JHSF, he knew that he wanted to be able to help people. He was trying to make sure that the company was successful and that people were going to be able to get more out of the options that he was giving them from the community that he was a part of. While José Auriemo Neto was working to make things better on his own, he also knew that he needed to have the support that he could get from a company like JHSF and from the opportunities that he had in the real estate development industry and learn more about Jose.

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Tammy Mazzocco Charted Her Own Course

When Tammy Mazzocco started working as a secretary for a local commercial real estate group in Central Ohio, she didn’t think that it would lead to her becoming a broker herself. However, fate had a different idea, and as Tammy Mazzocco gained more experience in the administrative side of the business, she began to see the opportunities on the sales side.

In 1999 she went to work full time in sales with Judy Gang, of the Judy Gang Team with RE/MAX and Tammy has had no regrets at all since. She works in Pickerington, Ohio, in the central part of the state, and in the four counties in and around Pickerington.

Tammy loves her quest involving the selling of residential properties to families, and she gets a great deal of satisfaction from helping the families purchase the homes of their dreams. Her methods are very basic, according to her, but the fact that she has perfected them is the real story.

Tammy spends a lot of time showing homes to people who are ready to buy. The secret to real estate sales lies in the process of finding the people who are seriously looking, and not so much time with people who are just curious, but not ready yet to buy. A good real estate broker accomplishes this level of understanding by asking the right questions.

Early in her career, Mazzocco likes to tell the story about how shy she was. She was afraid to ask a client any questions about their finances. This is a key line of questioning because people with no money don’t buy houses, at least, not right away. A fellow associate told her just to dive in and ask the questions, no matter what happens or what people think of you and your manners. With the right information and a caring approach towards her clients, Mazzocco has created a sensational career for herself.

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Developments in the New York Real Estate Industry

Town Residential is a leading luxury firm based in New York. It offers services on real estate; leasing and NYC apartments for sale, residential sales and property development. The firm boasts of a professional team that is highly knowledgeable and experienced in the real estate industry.

The largest permit applications for September were dominated by the marquee projects from big developers. The SL Green’s One Vanderbilt was the one that was able to stand out among the rest. Others that also generated waves were the Somerset Partners and the Chetrit Group that had a pair of residential buildings and a combined area that exceeded a million square foot.

Despite that Queens sat out the ranking of the month, the boroughs were again represented, with four of the biggest projects of the month in Brooklyn, one in Staten Island and three in Bronx. All the ten projects surpassed 100,000 square feet. Rental premises, most of which had ground floor retail, ranked the most common kind of project this September. Despite this, a senior living facility and a catholic school building also made into the list.

One Vanderbilt Avenue, Manhattan

SL Green Realty filed plans for their enormous, One Vanderbilt, tower that is near Midtown’s Grand Central Station. This filing has been made after almost two years since the project was initially proposed. The 1.3 million-square-foot building that is designed by Fox will be 67 stories high with the first and third floors containing retail space and the rest comprising of offices.

2401 Third Avenue, Bronx

The second building by Chetrit and Somerset at the Mott Haven site is estimated to tower 345,000 square foot. The premise will have group floor retail space though it will be smaller at about 2,250 square foot space. The building will also have a community facility with the rest of the space going to residential purposes.

4439 Third Avenue, Bronx

The L+M Development Partners together with Horning Capital Partners came up with plans for starting affordable rental building in Bronx. The 12 story will contain 133 residential units, a community facility and a commercial space. Dattner Architects are the ones designing the building.

A Catholic run girl school, Marymount School, is also planning on building a 13-story academic building on the empty lot between Lexington Avenues and Park. The building that is to be designed by CookFox will include classrooms, exercise rooms, a gym, dance studio, a chapel, a gallery and offices. Marymount bought this premise in 2012.