Building A Better Tomorrow: OSI Group

Progression, efficiency and hard work are three of the best qualities a person can have. Progression, efficiency and hard work is also three of the best qualities a business can posses. OSI Group demonstrates these qualities to fullest degree thanks to its extensive range of capabilities. OSI Group isn’t your average foodservice provider. Nope, this particular company does it all, especially when it comes to dealing with logistics. Getting products from one point to another can be very challenging as it’s easier said than done. OSI Group is as sharp as a tack thanks to its solid foundation as well as its business-supply chain.

In sheer size, OSI dwarfs many of competitors. Are you aware that this specific company has more than 60 factories and facilities? Did you know that this company has factories and facilities in up to 17 countries? Did you know that more than 20,000 employees earn a good living by working with this company? The impact that OSI Group has made on society can’t be put in words. It is actually one of a few food service providers that can be recognized as being a revolutionist. OSI has changed the game by offering a wide variety of services, including:

• Distribution

• Custom-Food Production

• Stringent Safety Tests

• Sourcing

• Development

• And many more

Yes, this short list only cracks the surface of what it can do on a grand scale. Thanks to raking in billions of dollars on a yearly basis, the company has been recognized by Forbes as a top 100 privately held company. That type of recognition speaks volumes. The company’s net worth is estimated to be over $10 billion. All in all, OSI Group is the past, is the present and is the future of global foodservices.

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