Do Good By Your Dog By Buying Premium Foods

What do you ask for in your dog food? If you are like me, then you want it to make your dog happy. That is the first priority. The dog has to like it, or else it is not going to get eaten, and that is a waste of money that could be spent on better dog food. I have had dogs a long time, and I will tell you that you get what you pay for when it comes to their dog foods. In an article I found, the major dog food manufacturers are briefly profiled, and what happens is quite interesting.

A Good Article About Good Food For A Good Dog

In the article, there is this scene where a chief manufacturer actually sits down with the reporter to talk about the food, and he ends up trying some of the food. I have seen my dog’s Beneful wet food, and it looks and smells great. I’m not surprised that the manager tried the food, but I don’t want to try my dog’s food. It looks great, and he likes it. That is what really matters. I always buy him Chopped Blends from Purina Beneful because of the look and smell of it. I know that I’m doing a good thing. I don’t expect to become a saint just because I buy premium dog food from Amazon, but I know that my dog is happy, and that is a start. I like to tell other pet owners how much I care about my dog by buying only premium foods, like Beneful. I think it is worth every cent because it is made of real ingredients, and it keeps my dog looking healthy. His coat is shiny, and the Beneful Dental Twist dog treats keep his breath fresh. Beneful has it going on when it comes to making high quality dry foods, wet foods and dog treats. I will always recommend them strongly. To see the article I was talking about, go here. It is published on the Daily Herald, so I know it is coming from a good source.