Koch Brothers Open Up New Investment Office In Honor Of Grandfather

The Koch brothers which includes Charles and David Koch have opened up a new investment office in their home state of Kansas. Charles Koch who serves as the CEO of Koch Industries and his younger brother David who serves as VP of Koch Industries are one of America’s wealthiest and most influential industrialists of our time. The duo is heavily involved in promoting free market principles and smaller government. Both Charles Koch and David Koch graduated from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The brother are also strong supporters of the Republican party in politics.

The Koch’s latest family investment branch is named 1888. The significance of the year 1888 is that it is the year that the Koch’s grandfather Harry Koch emigrated to the United States from the Netherlands. The Dutchman headed for the United States in hopes of making a new life for himself and to build a fortune. Who would have guessed that his children and grandchildren would become billionaires and captains of industry? The 1888 investment office is a tribute to the Koch’s grandfather who took the risk of emigrating to America and helped build the foundation for the Koch Industries enterprise.

According to a Bloomberg Business report the man who is managing the Koch’s 1888 investment house is Trent May. Mr. May began working for Koch Industries in 2011. He joined the Koch’s investment practice after being in charge of the Wyoming state retirement system. There he was in charge of managing about six billion dollars. At 1888 Trent May is believed to be managing a fortune of about two billion dollars for the Koch family.

The 1888 investment branch is officially registered in the state of Delaware, which is known for its lax banking, business and trading laws. The firm is officially registered to conduct business in several states including Kansas where the Koch’s are based as well as California and Florida. A report released on 1888 showed that it only has about one hundred million dollars in publicly traded stocks. The rest it is speculated is private investments. The board of 1888 features several Koch family members in addition to managers and investors such as Trent May who decide the policies and objectives of the investment venture.

Misconceptions about the Koch brothers

Bill Moyers, the former press secretary and notable journalist has on his website an article discuss Charles and David Koch (the Koch Brothers) and their network of political donations and apparatus. The article provides some insight into the Koch brothers, their belief system, and helps to shed some light into many of the misconceptions that surround the Koch brothers and their political donation machine.

One of the misconceptions surrounding Charles Koch is that he only started getting involved in politics in response to President Barrack Obama’s political ascent. The Koch brothers first became involved in politics in the 1970’’s and have had a large role in politics ever since. The Koch brothers even played a prominent role in the libertarian movement and have served in various roles.

Another misconception of the general population associated with the Koch Brothers is that they are only interested in protecting their business and the interests of their business. Since the business that Charles Koch owns and controls, Koch Industries, is the second largest private company in the United States and is diversified into many industries, the reach and expanse of the company is expansive. However, Koch Industries is rooted in the oil and chemicals business and many of their political opponents site this as the cause r their opposition to regulations being passed. The Koch Brothers do not just oppose regulations that impact their companies and have strong beliefs in regards to many different areas in society, mainly associated with reducing the role and scope of government. Programs such as Medicaid and Medicare, which they want reformed are good examples of this. As such, the Koch brothers are more concerned with the ideals of society rather than just their own personal benefit.

Another misconception clarified in the article is that the political apparatus funded by the Koch brothers is only associated with their own stances and beliefs. Instead, the political groups that Charles Koch supports have a wider range of donors above and beyond their own funding and involve many more donors than would be otherwise apparent from the news articles that underlie many of the news stories that follow the Koch brothers.

Further, the article discusses the various not-for-profit initiatives that the Koch brothers and their foundations have supported as well as the good that they are accomplishing around the world as a result of this funding.

Visit the Bill Moyers site and learn more about the Koch Brothers and the support that they provide.