The Sunny Plumber, An Honest Review.

It is no secret that contractors often get a less that stellar review by people. There are many reasons for this. Luck for everyone in the area of Tucson we have The Sunny Plumber. Now, if you think I’m gonna blow sunshine somewhere, you might be correct because my review of The Sunny Plumber is a positive one. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to write a less than positive review but, to be honest, I just can’t. The Sunny Plumber went above any beyond my expectations. This company beat out all of the other plumbers I had dealt with hands down. The whole experience was just awesome.

I run a fairly large business and we needed to call a plumber who knew what to do with our unique situation. This plumber had to understand all the things that happen with commercial plumbing. One of the people who work for me said he just had The Sunny Plumber come to his house and he had a glowing review. I was sure that Mister Sunshine was great at residential plumbing, but, could he handle what we had in store for him? I called The Sunny Plumber and when he got there, he went right to work and before I knew it, the issue was solved. I really was expecting the worst, but, I was very happy to know not only did he get my issue fixed, he found the root of the problem. That was something no other plumber took the time to do. This call to The Sunny Plumber saved me money. I know, you might wonder how he saved me money, but, every time I call another plumber to fix an issue, they charge me. The Sunny Plumber fixed the issue, looked for the real cause of the problem and fixed that too. That one visit could have taken other plumbers several visits, so, I’m a very happy camper. Thank You Sunny Plumber.