Perry Mandera and philanthropy efforts

The founder of Customs Cares Charities is Perry Mandera. Perry is a transportation industry leader. His dedication is to help his church, family as well as other people. Previously, Perry has worked at the United States Marine Corps Reserves. He graduated from high school in the year 197. He got interested in the transportation industry after the active duty of truck driving tour. After retiring from the services, he chased his dream of operating in the transport industry.

At the age of 23, Perry had worked in several transportation businesses. He started his own business in 1980. Five years later, he resolved to sell it. During this time, Perry’s interest was in politics. For four years, Perry Mandera was a committeeman in the Republican Party. At that moment Perry was the youngest to work as a committeeman in Chicago.

Perry Mandera started the customs companies Inc. in 198. The company is actively functional up to date. It offers help to both large and small companies. Customs Companies Inc. has its main office in Illinois. The company has hundreds of employees. Recently, the company exceeded 200million dollars in sales (Customcares). The company is a full-service provider of transportation offering services such as domestic and foreign air cargo forwarding, local cartage and contact cartage. Moreover, the company has a distribution facility and a bonded warehouse.

In 2000, Perry Mandera was included on the list of top American transport Executives of the Millennium by Illinois transportation association. Currently, he works as ITA board member. Perry has offered a lot of physical and financial support to many charities. This has brought him a lot of honorary recognition by the charities. Perry has made some of these donations and contributions personally while some on behalf of the company. Most of Perry’s philanthropic efforts are toward educational organizations and youth charities. Cancer study facilities, veteran benefits programs and cancer prevention projects have also benefitted from Perry Mandera’s generous contributions and donations. In addition to this, the company endeavors to employ veterans. Furthermore, Perry Mandera, on behalf of his company donated transportations help to aid disaster relief efforts after the tornado in 2013. Perry enjoys the time spent with family and his very active in his kids’ lives.