Therapist Roseann Bennett Shares Quick Tips To Aid With Mental Illness

Amidst the recent mental health awareness week that took place during mid-May, therapist Roseann Bennett decided to share some tips for those suffering from mental illness, in her interview with Ideamensch. In case you or someone you know is suffering from it, take note of these quick tips, they can save a life.

Don’t keep it to yourself

Don’t keep your feelings to yourself, speak to someone about them. Although the best choice is to speak to a professional according to Roseann Bennett, not everyone can pay for their services. In this case, she recommends those suffering to reach out to a trusted individual who can listen and share advice.

Detect stress ahead of time

Stress is more serious than many people think. It doesn’t only lead to mental health, but also physical problems. Roseann Bennett’s tip is to watch for changes, physically or behaviorally on oneself. Take a moment and try to get to the bottom of the cause before your health worsens.

Try to forget about things you can’t change

We can never be in full control of everything, Bennett shares that when an unexpected problem that we can’t change arises, it’s best to try to put it aside. According to her, the best choice is to try to change yourself to adapt to external problems you cannot control, rather than draining yourself trying to change them.

Don’t let negativity ruin your days

Bennett shares tips that are so simple yet is so profound and useful. For someone already going through mental issues, bad things suddenly happening on a normal day can lead to an outburst. Her best advice is to practice positive thinking, something she puts in effect on a daily basis. Make an effort to forget mistakes or mishaps and try to think of as many good things as you can when feeling overwhelmed.

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More about Roseann

Roseann Bennett began her career as an in-house therapist in New Jersey. After a couple of years, she decided to establish the Center for Assessment and Treatment, a charitable organization that became active in 2010. She currently serves as the Executive Director of the organization wearing many hats such as director, coordinator, and leader.

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