For EOS Innovation is Crystal Clear

Crystal Lip Balm is the new EOS product that everyone is getting excited about. In an article on Pop Sugar, the product is highlighted because of its many, amazing features. Go to this related site and check out more details, The first things that customers will notice are that Crystal Lip Balm will look completely different from previous products. In addition to being clear, the lip balm will ditch the original sphere for a modern pyramid shape. Customers will also experience a different product that is wax-free, vegan, hypoallergenic, and weightless on their lips. This is certainly a step forward in the beautify industry. Customers can say goodbye to products from other companies that leave their lips a sticky mess, and hello to this new globally conscious product.

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Since the release of their first product EOS has been dedicated to creating lip balm their customers could get excited about. The letters in EOS stand for Evolution of Smooth and this is a concept that is certainly clear in all their products. Not only did they look at the market and see a sore need for innovation and change, but they knew that they would be the ones to bring it about. They have consistently created products that consumers need, in the unique packaging that they want.

Currently, EOS is one of the top-selling lip balm manufacturers in the country. They got that way because of their commitment to quality. Their iconic egg-shaped packaging helped bring a sense of class to the oral care market and set the direction for the company, click here. The woman-focused company says that it wanted to create products that made women happy when they were out living their daily lives. Crystal Lip Balm is just a continuation of that desire. Women everywhere will continue to be excited and delighted by the wonderful products EOS has to offer.

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