Doe Deere the Rising “Voice” In the Cosmetics Industry

Doe Deere is a female entrepreneur and an artist who is the owner of the Lime Crime Cosmetics brand. The cosmetics brand was launched in 2008 and aim to illustrate cosmetics are not only for the imperfect. However, cosmetics should be worn with the aim of self-expression as well as freedom. As Doe states on, beauty is “what feels right at the moment” as compared to what is natural or “looks best.”

As a self-developed brand, Lime Crime has magical, colorful and cruelty-free labels. Doe Deere developed her line of cosmetic products from a combination of necessity and inspiration. According to her, it is only through decisiveness and speed that inspiration can be turned into concrete ideas or products.

Unlike other business people who delegate most operations of their businesses, Doe soils her hands in her business. Having personally developed the original products, she now oversees the product development in the entire collection. To simulate or illustrate her cosmetics products, Doe uses pidgin dolls designed by Joshua David McKenny. As an artistic object, the pidgins are used to communicate to people from different backgrounds.

In the cosmetics line, Lime Crime has lips and eyes, which are additions to facial products from popular partner retailers like Naimies. Her desire for “ultra-feminine” girls’ products is also part of the intrinsic drive that pushes her innovations. From the same entrepreneurial spirit, she wishes to see business people establish different lines such as shoes.

To grow her business, Doe Deere ensures that business stakeholders feel fully appreciated. She outlines the stakeholders as partners, employees, and vendors who she loves and respects. It is from this entrepreneurial drive that she endeavors to uplift and push others to succeed. She refers to the use of such criteria as “positive reinforcement.” The strong business spirit in Doe has seen her overcome various challenges in business.

Some of such instances touched on having her website hacked resulting in damaged publicity. However, she is quick to illustrate that she overcomes such negative aspects by instituting measures to prevent similar occurrences. Under the able hands of Doe, Lime Crime continues is sure to have a profitable future.