Cotemar Mexico Making the World a Better Place

Cotemar Mexico was founded in the year 1979 and specialized in offering oil industry services where the core services were maintenance, modernization, construction and support of the marine operation. The Company also provided offshore accommodation and food for oilfield development. Cotemar Mexico continuously contributes to the gas and oil industry production and this is based on their efficient processes. The processes are implemented with the growing industry technology, and the success driven people. Its headquarters are in Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche and it has over five thousand employees. The company has contributed greatly in eliminating poverty and improving the standards of living in Mexico by providing jobs to the people.

Cotemar Mexico aims at providing excellent services in its oil industry all over the world simply by increasing their involvement in the production processes. They also improve their services by using a fleet of the latest generation vessels and also innovative and new work methods. The company has over 38 years of experience, and they provide efficient solutions and results which have been validated and certified by the customers as they do believe that customers are their primary focus. All the services that are offered by the company meet all the requirements of the gas and oil industry meaning that the services are excellent and efficient.

Cotemar Mexico Company is continuously growing to expand their services through the value chain and also integrating process equipment. The company also relies on professional and highly trained employees to make sure that they offer great and high-performance business model. The sky is not the limit for Cotemar Mexico Company; this is because they continue to expand in the market share technology, assets earned, and also the service portfolio. The company is currently providing services focused on innovation of rigs, on modernization, and also processing centres of their customers on facilities offshore.

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