Sean Penn Keeps the Storytelling Go on in ‘Bob Honey Who Just Did Stuff’

Senn Penn is well known for all the movies he has played. Lately; though he has taken up a new task. With his debutant novel ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.’ Partly because he had reached a point in his acting career where he felt burdened by the expectations brought about by finances pumped to the screenplays. Also, the working together with other people with all their personalities had become a challenge. So in search of more freedom, he sought to fly solo.

In his humor novel, Bob Honey who just did stuff tries to explain what is fundamentally wrong with the American society. In his book, he plays A modern day American entrepreneur with a double life. He sells septic tanks by the day and by night he plays an assassin who kills his targets using a wooden mallet.

To get where the inspiration of the book ‘Bob Honey Who Just did Stuff’ came from one has to go back to the most recent electioneering period in the US. The book is mostly tales of what transpired during the political period as in the book the American voters chose to endorse the ‘Landlord’ to power ignoring the ‘unnamed woman’ in the book. Bob Honey goes around then killing the old not for a grudge but for his belief that it is the right thing to do.

Bob Honey Who Just did Stuff is a fictional piece of work. According to the author Sean Penn, it was his avenue to vent about the state of America. He also gave his readers a chance to talk about it. The book was started conversations in the media spaces even before the production was complete. The controversy is not unusual as the nature of the issues handled by the book is highly controversial.

‘Bob Honey Who Just did Stuff’ also handles a social media conversation carried around by the movement #MeToo. Its all about people’s perceptions but ultimately there is need to be more in-depth with the fight against social injustice. The battle for social justice must be anything than superficial. Penn.

On his future, Sean Penn keeps his options open as he does not rule out the possibility of working in the film industry directing a movie. He is however very quick to admit that the writing experience he has gained from ‘Bob Honey Who Just did Stuff’ has been freeing, to say the least. That he will keep on authoring books and tell stories and books will be the main medium for delivery of his stories. So reader keeps your eyes open for more great things from the author of ‘Bob Honey Who Just Did Stuff,’ Sean.