Bigger and Bolder with LIME

Every beautiful girl values her make-up just as much as she does her hair, face or boyfriend. It is the one thing that she can wear, besides her smile, to make feel beautiful. Cosmetics accentuate a girl’s good features while covering up the least pleasant ones. While gloss makes her lips pout and blusher shapes and shadows her face, foundations covers up her blemishes and spots to make feel as good as new.
Cosmetics are described as products which are used to improve one’s appearance. They are applied to the skin or body to beautify and improve one’s overall look. Cosmetics are originally a Greek word, kosmetikos, which translates to ‘order’ or ‘ornament’. Another word for cosmetics is make-up. Beauty products are, to a girl, a necessity. A self-conscious girl will not dare walk out of the house without ‘her face’. Most of the brands are designed for the women but men are also catching up with the trend and have adopted the use.
Cosmetics include perfume, lipstick, foundation, eyeliner, bubble baths, body splashes, gels, deodorants and eye lashes to name a few. There are various high quality (read expensive) for the modern and classy woman and also the generic products that are easily affordable.
Lime-crime is a company that speaks volumes on using make-up to express one’s personality rather than to cover flaws. It is a magnificent team of make-up lovers from Los Angeles who have come together for the wonderful cause- to make the world beautiful and the people in it. The founder of the make-up company is Doe Deere. She also doubles up as the CEO. She started the company with little to her name to create the brand loved by many today.
Lime Crime has a range of products which are categorized into five- lips, eyes, nails, velvetiness and Venus. For lips, my favorite, there is a unicorn lipstick, velvetiness and carousel gloss. The slogan for the lip products is “for lips that speak louder than words”. The blue, pink, nude and other bold lipstick colors that last all day sure do speak louder than words. With lips, it is bold all the way with Lime-Crime. Poison-Berry and Cry Baby are to die for.
The products are marked as cruelty-free as they are tested to ensure they are safe to use. They are also marked as vegan because they are not made from animal products. Also, the products are not tested on animals. Lime-Crime has created a brand recognized for by those who live life unapologetically. The vibrant colors and flavors are evidence of this. One can order their products online and have them delivered for free on orders above $50 in the U.S.
Lime-crime is the most fashionable and bold way to express a vivacious personality.