Jorge Moll as Head of IDOR and Research Unit

Neuroscientist and business owner Mr. Jorge Moll is keen on conducting studies on various topics regarding the question of why we feel a certain way towards some topics and what part of the brain reacts to those feelings and ideas. One of the most fascinating topic for him lately has been altruism.

In philosophy, altruism is considered widely to be a higher moral that not everyone has and very few people have the capacity to nurture it and live by altruism. While not every person is an active philanthropist, Dr. Jorge Moll believes that altruism is something that every person has as a moral faculty.

In one of his latest studies, Dr. Jorge Moll and his scientific team conducted the research to discover if philosophy has its right medicine. The results of that research send a wave of discussion as it overturned the common belief that altruism is not a basic but a higher faculty of morale. The study results showed that the part of the brain reacting to charity when people think, see, or do it is the same part that reacts to pleasure, food, and water. That means that altruism is a basic instinct for a human and that everyone has it as a fundamental part.

A newer research provided even more insight on the matter. It explored altruism among sports fans and discovered that the love of sports fans for their team and the desire to support them is linked to altruism. Altruism is also directed towards fellow supporters of the team, and it is triggered by the sense of belonging that one person can have to a cultural group without even knowing anything about the other people except that they are in the same cultural group as them.

That is called a natural group. Strong bonds are evident in real-life settings, and it makes one person attached to others even if they are strangers ( That is a basic human need, and it can be observed in many other cases and not just among sports fans. People usually belong to at least one natural group.