Nasty Gal Sued for Discriminating Against Pregnant Women

Online retailer, Nasty Gal, has been in the news in recent weeks for a series of layoffs and abysmal sales numbers, but the news just got worse for the retailer. According to online magazine, Jezebel, the company is also fighting lawsuits in California courts alleging the company discriminates against pregnant women.

According to legal documents filed in California in March, Nasty Gal is accused of firing no less than three women when they became pregnant, including an expectant mother that was just weeks away from her planned maternity leave. Christian Broda has learned that the lawsuit also alleges the company fired a man who was set to take paternity leave, as well.

California law requires companies to offer pregnant employees four months of maternity leave. Nasty Gal replied to the complaint claiming that the lawsuit is frivolous and defamatory. The company alleges the firings were part of a series of layoffs, and did not target pregnant employees, however, former and current employees seem to disagree. Many argue the company has taken the concept of a “female-driven” start-up and cannibalized it by preying on its most important employees.

Those named in the lawsuits could not immediately be reached for comment.