He can be referred to as a rare gem because he is a businessman who has a realm of the music industry. Clay has considerate experience and he has been looking for aesthetic perfection where he works from dawn to dawn. This is after he attended a university and pursued theatre design. After completing his education, he worked in some other companies whose main role was to offer entertainment solutions.


His main role is being a sound engineer and also a project manager where he learned the tools of trading which have allowed him to step up on his own. He has chosen an entrepreneur path after he created his own live entertainment company.


He has been taking his clients who are artists, their feelings, and thoughts into consideration. He lives in Nashville and he has been aiming for the audience to experience something that is beautiful and also unique during the performance and he ensures that it has happened.


In an interview, Clay was to answer where he got that idea of starting his own company. He said that the incredible amount of experience is what helped him when it comes to tour production and lives music entertainment. He has been in the industry for many years and through the time he kept thinking of how he could start his own company. The fortune he got is the chance to learn something that is valuable especially from each and every position he has worked. This gave him time to perfect the skills enough such that they have allowed him to become part of every segment that is possible in live entertainment. The company that he left had a difficult time during the recession and that gave him the idea of going out as him alone. He took that opportunity of starting his own company was the right thing he could.


The other question he answered is how he does with his typical day. He always wakes up very early in the morning to give him chance to be in the venue before everyone has arrived. After he arrives, he checks the day’s schedule, he then executes a walk, makes a storage

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lan and then writes the things the crew will require from him to have done. He ensures that he is very productive as much as he can. It makes him pay certain attention to the ways things require to be done before even the show could start because they will be the key determinant of how things will be afterward. Learn more: