There have been changes been brought about by many real estate brokerage companies in New York. These changes are more inclined toward the marketing of houses. The marketing of houses in New York is majorly an activity of big brokerage companies who have the right network to sell. In the contemporary New York City apartments for sale and real estate marketing, houses are sold by different enterprises from those who build them. The companies that have therefore been trusted in controlling the prices and the profits to be pocketed by the owners are the agent companies. One real estate marketing company can have up to 1000 agents. This is what is meant by having a strong network to make it through the selling process. Owners want to give their houses to selling companies that charge less and at the same time use the least time to sell that given house.

Town Residential is a company that has perfected all the selling and marketing tips. Buyers can rely on this company too if they want to get the best deals within least spans of time. Town Residential was founded in 2010 by Heiberger. From that time the company has been able to grow and come out to be among the top companies in the New York real estate sector. It has investments in Manhattan and also in Brooklyn. The owner of this company is the founder of another company, Citi Habitats which was founded ten years ago.

Town Residential, unlike other firms who are attracted into investing in NYC by the high prices, has different reasons for its investment in the city. The company is much reliant on the cash buyers than any other group of customers. Brokers who have the intention of throwing their nets in the New York Real Estate Industry should do their research first. The real estate industry in this city can be more radical than it has been in other states. The founder of Town Residential holds the belief that neighborhood –based approaches are useful in marketing houses. He says that using discounts while trying to sell luxury properties is not any profitable.