James River Capital and Paul Saunders Keys To Succeed

Many people have great business ideas but simply don’t have the faintest idea of how to fund their venture. It can be quite frustrating to feel confident about a product or service but have to let it go because you simply don’t have the money to move forward. As the CEO and founder of James River Capital Corp., Paul Saunders is familiar with different strategies for funding that can provide you with the assistance you need to bring your idea to market. 

Paul Saunders earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia and attended the University of Chicago to obtain an MBA. The backdrop of his career includes positions in trading and investment banking. Needless to say, he’s familiar with economics, especially as it relates to investing. He has worked at A.G. Becker and Warburg Paribas Becker, holding positions in commodity and finance departments. 

Another noteworthy venture was his role at Kidder, Peabody, and Co. where he worked as Director of Managed Accounts and Commodity Funds. The depth and breadth of his experience are extensive, including the position of President at KP Futures Management Corp. He eventually acquired the company and renamed it James River Capital Corp, which is located in Richmond, Virginia. After acquiring the business, he changed its structure to an independent investment firm. 

One of the ways in which Paul Saunders recommends entrepreneurs obtain the capital they need is through bootstrapping, which is using money from credit cards or savings. This would also include borrowing money from friends and family members. Many successful business owners have launched a business that has experienced tremendous growth through this method. Learn more: https://patch.com/virginia/richmond/paul-saunders-principal-james-river-capital-corp-burnout

Another option for funding a business is crowdfunding, which involves having a lot of people that truly believe in your idea provide support by giving money. There are different ways in which crowdfunding can work. The people who donate in crowdfunding do not expect to be paid back. However, sometimes a business will offer incentives. An example of a company that crowdfunded and succeeded was Oculus Virtual Reality Headset, which raised $2.4 million before it was bought for $2 billion by Facebook. The company was still in the prototype stage when it was acquired.

You might also consider an angel investor, which are individuals that give people thousands of dollars through direct loans and other methods. You can learn more about this option through the Angel Capital Association or through local organizations that can be found online. There are a lot of different angel groups with the mission of supporting entrepreneurs. 

Paul Saunders offers many different ideas for funding a startup. He’s also passionate about inspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and develop the leadership skills necessary to achieve success and build a lasting business.

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U.S Money Reserve Federal Instigate to Economic Growth and Asset Safe-Haven

US Reserve is a non-profitable private company based in United States majorly categorizing in Retail, Wealth management and Retirement services. The reserve was founded in the year 2002 and it is one of the largest nation’s coin distributors dealing with gold, platinum and silver coins.

The Money Company is majorly known by its ability to offer Gold. With the fact that gold is one of the best ways in saving assets, the company could wish that consumers change their dollar wealth into gold since it retain its value no matter the ages or circumstances.

The federal reserve with its all power to enlighten a consumer on gold, focusing on the high economic rate affecting many US citizens, seen from 2018 rising GDP, the company could wish that consumers migrate to using gold since it performs well no matter the uncertain circumstances.

This could help many since the nation’s crisis on economic changes can be fully stabilized. Having a real focus on interest rates offered by federal reserve, it could wish to lower its rates to enable it instigate on economic growth so as to be much supportive to businesses and buyers widely and thus they are going to be active in borrowing money and this could lead to well growth of the organization.

Considering this, keeping interest low for quite a long period of time could lead to major crisis in future uncertainties since it could lose its ability and problems arising from such could bring about malicious damage to all.

With this fact, the federal is trying to stabilize on future uncertainties and current economic growth by increasing its rates although it can be a misfortune to the big lending firms such as home equity loans, thus no better option but to dynamically increase its rate to curb on future problems. Read more: US Money Reserve | PR Newswire and US Money Reserve | Manta

In addition to Federal forecast on stock market and commodities, it wishes that the consumers on such field should consider using gold since assets on this field could be much affected on economic growth changes and thus with gold, the performance could be of importance with the fact that gold keeps its value. For this precious metal importance, the company is willing to help a consumer in obtaining it and thus offering quality customer services to all.

Learn more about US Money Reserve:


US Money Reserve’s Website Gets a Complete Overhaul

U.S. Money Reserve is known to be one of the best places to buy precious metals online. This is because it is run by a former U.S. Mint director. Philip N. Diehl was the director of the U.S. Mint until 2000. U.S. Money Reserve’s website recently got a complete visual overhaul. The site is now much cleaner looking. It is extremely easy to navigate. Philip N. Diehl is now a much stronger presence on the website. This is likely meant to build confidence in investors that are looking to purchase from U.S. Money Reserve.

A brand new coin photo gallery was also added. Customers can see high resolution pictures of the various gold, platinum and silver coins that the company offers. The quality photographs illustrate how detailed and beautiful each coin is. Customers can navigate through the photo gallery to see the current prices of the various coins that are on display. Customers that are looking to purchase gold as an investment will be able to easily see the prices. Those that are looking to collect the coins as a hobby will also enjoy seeing them here in high detail.

Philip N. Diehl’s strong presence on the website should also better illustrate the company’s core message. U.S. Money Reserve encourages customers to buy gold because it is a secure investment. Philip’s experience with the U.S. Mint indicates that he is an expert on the subject. Those that visit the website can get a free gold information kit. This kit is designed to illustrate the importance of having gold as a portion of any investment portfolio.

The site also has a special Client-Connect program. A customer service representative will help to guide each person through the gold buying process. Customers will also unlock special promotions through this program. Those that visit the U.S. Money Reserve website will likely be able to find what they are looking for immediately. The new features are designed to make the gold buying process as simple as possible. Each client will be able to make an informed decision on their own gold portfolio. U.S. Money Reserve’s website is meant to be as informative as possible. The company also has an amazing return policy. Customers can get a full refund on their coin orders within a 30 day period. Customers that are simply browsing will likely find a treasure trove of free information on this new and improved website.

Christian Broda, an economic and financial force

Christian Broda’s life story reveals to us that hard work and dedication can provide one with unlimited opportunities. These opportunities have helped to further Broda’s career and the careers of others.

The name Christian Broda is highly connected to economics and financial planning. Many people respect his perspective when making decisions on business matters. The journey of Broda obtaining much knowledge in the areas of economic and financial began with his attendance and graduation from college. In January of 2007, Broda graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of San Andrés. His educational journey did not stop there he received a Master’s degree in Economics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in May of 1999. Two years later Broda received his Ph.D. in Economics from the same school. The knowledge gained while in college opened the door for a number of opportunities. In September 2001-2004, Broda worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in the International Research Department. That particular position allowed Broda to increase his knowledge the subjects of economic and financial fields and further prepared him for the positions that he has today.

Today Christian Broda works as a managing director and editor. Duquesne Capital Management has been blessed with Broda expertise and skill since 2010. As a management director of Duquesne Capital Management, Broda works with hedge funds that are utilized in order to raise capital for various corporations and companies. In addition to being a management director he is also an Associate Editor for Journal of Development Economics since 2006. As an Associate Editor, Broda has contributed to a number of publications and articles. Majority of his research and publication have been focused on trade and international finance. One is able to view Broda’s work in Journal of International Economics, The American Economic Review, and The Quarterly Journal of Economics.

In addition to offering his financial and economic services and expertise to Duquesne Capital Management and a number of publications, Broda also dedicates his time to being a public speaker. His education and knowledge has allowed him the opportunity to speak to various universities and banks. He has even spoken at locations as far as Japan.

Christian Broda dedication to economics and finances has not only allowed him to open up doors for himself but others. His speeches and publications have helped others to gain knowledge about the financial and economic world. This education has aided companies and individuals to flourish in the business world.

How To Save Money The Right Way

Most of us are looking to save some money, here and there. Some of us are quite good at it, while others are not. This article is speaking to those who have a hard time saving money. Below are some special tips to help you out.

1) Take your loose change and put it aside. Don’t have a piggy bank? Not a problem. Just put the change in some type of jar or cup. I do this. Put aside about 50 cents each day. In one year you can create a small emergency fund, just one the loose change alone. You’d be surprised at how much money you can save when you are not thinking about it.

2) Keep track on the who, what and where you spend your money on. About once a month, go through your accounts. Ask yourself one thing: “Did I really need to make this purchase or that purchase?” If the answer is no, then correct that mistake. The next time the money comes in, put that money to your savings.

3) Try to limit or avoid impulse spending. This is a big one for many of us. I have even had issues with this one years ago. If you really want to buy something, think about it for the next 24-48 hours. If you still want to have it, get it. Give yourself those 1-2 days to clear your head. Don’t get in the habit of confusing your wants with your needs.


4) Don’t get in the habit of using credit cards. I used to do this. I overspent, thinking I could pay it off on time. I was wrong. I had to go to one of those credit counseling services for help. I am still making payments. It was a painful and expensive lesson. Learn from my mistakes.

Only spend what you can afford to pay off at the end of the month. If you can pay it off before, do so. When it comes to the debit cards, avoid the overdraft fee at all costs. I had this happen to me too. Learn from my mistakes.

Take a good long look at your spending habits. Is there something you can cut out? Cutting something out now, will only help you out later down the road.

I recently spent some time reading about Brazilian financial guru, Igor Cornelsen, that has helped me to get invested in what’s going on in our stock market. Whether you like the stock market or not, everyone wants to save money. If you want some more money saving tips, be sure to read more about Cornelsen.

There Are More Ubers in NYC than Regular Cabs

Uber officially outnumbers yellow cabs in the Big Apple. According to the Taxi and Limousine Commission there are now a whopping 14,088 black and luxury Ubers on the streets on New York, versus just 13,587 taxis. It’s not a huge discrepancy in numbers, but it’s a notable one. NYC has long fought the growth of Uber in the city. City taxis are heavily regulated and require the use of taxi medallion, something that is in short demand and require a significant investment.

Sergio Cortes (Youtube.com) knows that Uber doesn’t require any of that, making it great for drivers, but not great for the city. After quite a bit of negotiations, Uber has worked with New York to start growing in the city, primarily through the use of “luxury” cars instead of Uber X, its low-cost alternative to taxis.

Still, Uber has started to lure some long time taxi drivers. The service allows drivers to set their own schedule, drive when they want, and in theory have unlimited earning potential since they’re setting their own hours and working whenever they want. The luxury car fares are also slightly higher than that of taxis, further improving a driver’s earnings.

Wal-Mart To Raise Their Minimum Wages

Big retail stores like Wal-Mart have recently announced that they will be raising their minimum wages due to a significant increase in employees quitting their jobs lately. This is the largest quit rate since 2007.

When the economy was at one of the worst places it has been in during 2010, it was hard for anyone to turn away a decent job. However, because things have been picking up quite a bit people are becoming more dedicated to finding work elsewhere. According to an article written on Buzzfeed News, Wal-Mart is going to give all their employees raises just to keep them from quitting and going elsewhere. One of their likely options will be to make their minimum pay at $10 an hour, which seems to be the standard for even fast food chains and other retail stores.

Bernardo Chua agrees that it will be interesting to see how many people will choose to stay with the company, because with this economy boom there is likely to be many more jobs created and ready to join the market. More on Chua can be found at Zoominfo.com. This is good news for those people who have decided to stay with the company because they are unable to get anything better.

Sam Tabar’s Rise to Success

A  guy my husband knows from college who he just recently reconnected with, Sam Tabar was featured in a CNBC article revealing new year investment tips. My husband says Sam is really good at forecasting sound investments even amid economic uncertainty.

Sam Tabar has many accolades that have attributed to his success. He began his career of accomplishments by graduating with honors from Oxford University. Later, he attended Columbia Law School and served as Associate Editor of the Columbia Business Law Review. After finishing his law degree, he acquired a sundry of positions in prestigious law firms and financial firms. Here’s a little information about Sam Tabar that may pique your interest in his career.

 After law school, he joined Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP, which is one of the most prestigious law firms in the world. While at Skadden, he helped his clients with private placement memoranda, side letters, investment management, hedge fund formation and structure, employment issues, and regulatory and compliance issues. He, later, left the legal field to join the world of finance with PMA Investment Advisors, which is a unit of Hong Kong’s Sparx Group Co.

 While at PMA Investment Advisers, Tabar managed a $2 billion hedge fund and all aspects of global marketing and investor relations. He executed a strategic marketing plan for a firm that handled large family offices, ultra-high-net-worth clients, and targeted institutional investors.

 Through this job, he was able to get a personal Rolodex of over 2000 potential qualified investors, and he helped his firm raise $1.2 billion in assets. He worked closely with the CEO and founding partners to ensure the success of his clients.

 When Tabar joined the Bank of America Merrill Lynch, everyone expected him to perform well at the Director and Head of Capital Strategy for the Asia-Pacific region. He spoke with over 1200 institutional investors about foundations, endowments, pensions, and large family offices.

 Commodities were another area of focus where Tabar proved his intellectual ability. He focused on research because he knows the key to success is through exploring the commodity’s history.

 In general, it’s advisable to avoid poorly managed funds like US Natural Gas Fund or the United States Oil Fund. The UNG fell more than 75 percent indicating that the US Natural Gas Fund was not a good investment until they created more shares.

 The USO share price was 50 percent lower than crude oil prices. When this happened, he advised clients that it was not a wise investment. This is how he protects his clients and helps them make wise investments.

 Sam has sharpened his skills in a variety of positions and continues to search for new opportunities to expand his horizons.

Sam Tabar Offers Tips for Financial Success

Sam Tabar is a successful attorney and capital strategist and he recently gave some great financial tips for 2015 in a press release originally reported on cnbc.com. According to a recent survey by Fidelity investments over half of the consumers in our country plan to set a resolution in terms of their financial portfolios. Many young people want to increase their net worth by investing in a new company or diversifying their investment portfolio.

Tabar offers some great investment tips for young individuals planning their retirement and investing so they can hope to someday comfortably retire. Tabar suggests being cautious in terms of commodity trading as these are much more risky when compared to other investment options like mutual funds. He goes on to say that commodity trading is not a good practice for the novice or uninformed investor due to this sector’s high volatility. Dealing in commodity trading is very risky and its takes an individual with experience and capital to withstand the potential for huge losses.

He recommends looking into social media and other growing business sectors for investors interested in something other than the traditional stock market. He also practices what he preaches in terms of recommending investing in businesses focused on social entrepreneurship such as the THINX women’s undergarment company he recently invested in. This company donates items to people in need of undergarments in Africa. Tabar suggests investing in companies that help people and give back to the community.

It is also important to diversify your financial portfolio and to make sure you have stability when a hot stock eventually comes back down to earth. Navigating the world of investments can be very intimidating and these tips by Sam Tabar are very helpful for the beginning investor.

Susan McGalla Offers Words Of Wisdom To Working Women

Before you can save money you have to make money. Susan McGalla is a retail leader with some great advice for working women. See the original article on PR Newswire.
The words of wisdom that have been published by PR Newswire on behalf of Susan McGalla. Susan has three pointers that are going to help working women become the best that they can be in their lives and careers. These women should make sure that they are following these guidelines, and they will be able to make positive changes in their lives when they have been taking care of their families for so long.

Be More Confident

When women are doing everything they can to look more confident, they need to be sure that they are presenting this image of themselves whenever they are working or in the community.

Get Educated

Women often put off their own educations to get their families in order. However, these women need to make sure that they are putting aside time to get their own education. Women can go to school online these days, and they will be able to make more of their careers with their new degrees. Women can make time for these degrees, and they should make these degrees a priority.

Forget The Glass Ceiling

Women are often warned of the glass ceiling that exists in the workplace. However, women need to remember that ignoring the glass ceiling is going to make them forces of nature at work. There are many men who think women should be paid equally, and acting like an equal worker is going to make women more valuable at their jobs.

When women are trying to make better lives for themselves and their families, they should be sure that they are following these three steps as laid out by PR Newswire and Susan McGalla.