Nick Vertucci: Going From Broke To Rich Using Real Estate

Multimillionaire real estate investor Nick Vertucci knows exactly what it feels like to be broke and desperate with little hope for change. That’s the situation he was in when at the urging of a friend he attended a real estate seminar. Now he has created the NV Real Estate Academy to provide a ray of hope. Through the academy, he teaches people how easy it is to make a good living in the real estate industry. Vertucci personally guides students of all ages and from all over the country through the simple steps it takes to find, acquire and sell real estate even if they have little or no money.

Nick Vertucci loves teaching people how to make money through real estate. It’s his way of doing for others what someone did for him. When a friend convinced him to attend a 3 day seminar teaching people about making money through real estate, Vertucci was skeptical. But he was also desperate for a change in his fortunes. The used computer company he had built had folded when the industry crashed and Nick Vertucci was out of money and ideas. Things looked bleak. So he decided to at least hear what these people had to say about the opportunities available through real estate.

The seminar changed Nick Vertucci’s life. He learned a number of simple ways he could make money through real estate. By the time he got home, his confidence was soaring. For the first time in a long time he saw a way he could earn a consistent income. Learning to buy and sell properties offered him a path out of the dark place he was in to the shining light of prosperity. Nick Vertucci threw himself into the real estate industry. He did research on as many ways as possible to make money in the industry. And he swore that once he was financially stable, he would help others. Nick Vertucci is true to his word. Now a multimillionaire, he is focused on helping others make their fortune in real estate through the NV Real Estate Academy.