The Revolutionary Charging Method behind MAGFAST

There is a classic saying that goes having too much of one thing is bad, and this certainly holds true for modern day electronics. Between charging cords being poorly designed, uniquely usable, and hard to find, many consumers feel overwhelmed with all the electronics they own. Seymour Segnit is someone who hails from a well experienced background between his time at Oxford University and Silicon University. He also experienced many of the common problems with owning too many electronics, and thus choose to do something about it. An article with Influencer expands on the upcoming MAGFAST product.

When it comes to designing a new charger, Seymour Segnit had to first consider the most important qualities of what a modern-day charger should look like. He came up with four features that should differentiate it form the competition. It first had to be portable and charge in a quick manner. An individual should be able to get a quick charge on the fly from any location. The product would be named the MAGFAST charger and it would be usable with any device currently on the market, and with anything that comes out in the future. Lastly, the cord would have a magnetic strip to prevent any disruptions to the charging process.

Seymour Segnit conceptualized the product as a way to overhaul the charging cord and push technology to the next level. The MAGFAST Charger will come in various shapes and sizes allowing the consumers to get something that works just right for them. MAGFAST has seen overwhelming from its backers, and Seymour Segnit plans to give an extra item to everyone who helped. MAGFAST has the potential to be the next big brand, while the MAGFAST charger shows to promise to be a common product in a current 21st century household.