Bellamy’s – A Pleasant Surprise for Your Palate

Escondido California, a quaint town that is a reminder of days past. As in most town’s Main Street is the hub. In Escondido, the small businesses can still afford to rent their storefronts on Main Street. A Mexican Restaurant, a dog grooming salon, small appliance store and a watch maker. Businesses that still start with first names.

The place to eat here in Escondido is Bellamy’s, owned by one Brian Bonar, a Scottish entrepreneur who decided to start a mini-empire in the restaurant business in the North of San Diego County.

Mr. Bonar has plans for a four-star event center in Bandy Canyon, where he owns a 144-acre property. There will be a signature restaurant that will boast a Master Chef of France, whom he recruited from the El Bizcocho, along with Mike Reidy as the executive chef and Trevor De Costa as the front of the house man.

The signage at Bellamy’s along with the décor will come as a surprise. The sign in front is a large tarpaulin, such as you would paint a giant sign or picture on, or a banner for an event. As for the interior, it has been dubbed as model-home-chic, with walls painted in a Coppertone shade, great jazz paintings and very plush seating.

The food is excellent. Try their beet salad made from red and golden beets and served over a bed of porcini mushroom powder with cocoa nibs and pistachios. Another must try is the corn soup made with cream and espelette peppers, served cold over a fantastic shrimp Ceviche with ginger, cilantro, lime juice, and olive oil. The Parsley Cream Risotto with salmon poached to perfection, shaved summer truffles and crunchy with sea salt is an excellent choice.

The servers at Bellamy’s are professional, courteous, and well versed in the dishes that are served. They can instruct you on how to consume a dish that you are not familiar with and not be annoying or being pretentious.

According to Dalrada, Dr. Brian Bonar hails from Scotland. He enjoys golf and spending time with his family. Dr. Bonar received his undergraduate degree from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow Scotland, which is a public research university. His MBA in Mechanical Engineering as well as his doctorate degree from Staffordshire University in Staffordshire, England. He also has a bachelor’s degree in Technical Engineering from James Watt Technical College in Staffordshire.

During his career, he has engendered a reputation as a person who helps his clients to achieve their goals. He has a portfolio that includes achievements in commercial, multi-family housing, K12 education projects, retail marketing and the field of aviation.

 Brian Bonar has the diverse experience and the skills to create the type of results that great projects, client relationships, and teams are built from.