Dr. Saad is a reputable doctor who has grown to thrive and achieve a lot through his pediatric and thoracic surgery as a career. Coming from a poor background and a family of several siblings, he was challenged to work hard and achieve his dreams. He graduated from medical school with great performance and got a chance to do a test that changed his career life forever. The desire to work in the conditioned environment was achieved and surpassed as he did his practice abroad.

Through experience, he has gained more skills and has grown to be well reputable. Having done over thousands of surgeries, Dr. Saad has had the opportunity to work with several medical centers and taken several roles in his tenure. Many people have had their lives changed through the great medication given which makes him fulfill his purpose to change the medical sector.

His skills and knowledge paved the way for his opportunity to work for the royal family. The opportunity made him relocate to Saudi Arabia together with his family. The opportunity made him has the chance to meet many great personalities as well as treat some of them. The conducive environment he encountered in the region made him do his work as expected for the benefit of others.

Moreover, he treated other people in the region regardless of their origin. Therefore, both the poor and the rich were considered since his aim is to ensure a better society with good health. These people came to the same hospital that serves the royal family at a given time to acquire treatment. Having come from a poor background, Dr. Saad understood the need to cater for the poor as well and also did some surgeries in the process.

To do much more in his medical career, Dr. Saad created a program which would allow the Saudi Arabia students to get their certification without having to go to other countries. Therefore, the lives of many students desiring to be doctors get to study without a lot of strain. They study locally and at the same time get their surgical training in their medical schools reducing the cost of traveling.

In his stay in Saudi Arabia, he was always busy and when he got the chance to be free, he maximized it. For instance, he used his free time to make new adventures together with his family by traveling hence visiting many countries. Therefore, Dr. Saad is a doctor to admire and emulate. Learn more:

How Dr. Eric Forsthoefel Started Treating Emergency Patients In Florida

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is an accomplished mid-30s doctor who made the decision to specialize in the emergency room. After earning his bachelor’s degree he decided to attend the Lousiana State Univerisity School of Medicine’s Shreveport campus. He graduated from this university in 2009. He completed his residency at this university in 2012 and has now been practicing medicine for the past six years.

He has been certified in AB Emergency Medicine. After completing his residency he decided to move to Tallahassee, Florida. He joined Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare and has been working there ever since. His rating on is stellar. He has five stars for his total rating. He earned five stars for both “provides follow-up as needed” as well as “explains conditions and treatments”. He additionally earned four and a half stars for “takes time to answer my questions”. Since he is an emergency room physician, not a regular primary care doctor, those are pretty great ratings for someone who deals with emergencies on a constant basis.

There are also a number of ratings for Dr. Eric Forsthoefel on The most recent rating is from a person who was suffering from the flu and who had a number of really serious underlying medical conditions. This person said that he took the time to find out about everything they medically had going on so that he could prescribe the best treatment for them going forward. They said that Dr. Eric Forsthoefel showed true concern and patience when they explained why they were in the emergency room. He checked their vital signs and condition a number of times before this person left the hospital with a prescription for medicine that helped alleviate their condition.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel takes Medicare and Medicaid patients. He has helped patients with many conditions over the past six years. This includes those experiencing heart attacks, chronic kidney disease, depression, Diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), osteoporosis, cancer, asthma, Alzheimer’s disease, and much more.

Dr. Saad Saad Highlights the Best of his Life as a Pediatric Surgeon

Dr. Saad Saad has administered thousands of complicated operations on children from babies to teenagers for the past four decades. When he was working in New Jersey’s Eatontown, he took part in eight Jerusalem medical missions where he carried out complicated surgeries on less fortunate children for free. And within the duration of his entire pediatric surgeon career he was able to develop numerous brand-new pediatric surgical techniques along with the creation of two patented inventions.

During an interview, Dr. Saad related how he became a pediatric surgeon. He said he that when he was in high school in the country of Kuwait he thought he wanted to be an engineer like his two brothers whose work at a construction required them to be outdoors.



He described Kuwait to be very hot during summers and most often than not the temperatures would go over 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Eventually, he came to the conclusion that he wanted a career where he can work indoors where an air-conditioning system is present. So, he opted to be a surgeon who can work inside an air-conditioned operating room.



Dr. Saad Saad’s medical endeavors illustrate his serious outlook for his profession where he utilized his surgical abilities and natural engineering skills to help improve others’ lives. Before he became a successful pediatric surgeon he lived some of his early years in Palestine, then in Kuwait. He is one of the eight children his parents had, and he completed his medical studies around four decades ago at the Cairo University in Egypt. Learn more:



He stated that he did well in medical school primarily because he is from a poor family who was not properly documented during that time, and he had to make something out of himself so he did his best while at medical school. During his junior year at medical school in 1964, Dr. Saad revealed that he bought a $99 airplane ticket from Cairo to the city of Beirut in Lebanon to get his ECCFG examination. He passed the said exam that permitted him to train within the United States of America. Dr. Saad proudly comments that the cited certification has changed his life for the better.



After some time, he finished his internship in Great Britain and moved to the United States where he completed his residency.

Dr. Saad Saad suggests that people read books about President Abraham Lincoln who gave the slaves their freedom and who has publicly expressed that all men are equal. Dr. Saad emphasize that everyone is equal in God’s eyes, and as a pediatric surgeon he knows that all people have the same intestines, liver, lungs, hear and other major organs regardless of the individual’s religion, color or race.