Dr. Mark Holterman’s Global Impact

Dr. Mark Holterman is a pediatric surgeon, professor, and Founder and CEO of Mariam Global Health, an international business that creates partnerships to fund and execute projects to positively impact global health initiatives.

Dr. Mark Holterman started his career as a student at Yale, where he majored in biology. He continued his studies at the University of Virginia, completing both his M.D. and Ph. D. In Immunology and Medicine. He stayed at UVA for his residency in general surgery, then followed with a fellowship in Pediatric Surgery at Seattle Children’s Hospital. After completing his fellowship, he conducted two years of research in Immunology at the Clinical Institute of Montreal. Dr. Mark Holterman then returned to academia, becoming a professor at the University of Illinois (Gazetteday). Shortly after, he became the chief surgeon at Advocate Children’s Hospital. Although now employed as the attending pediatric surgeon at Rush University Medical Center, he is still teaching pediatrics and surgery at the University of Illinois and the medical center.

Mariam Global Health was founded by Dr. Mark Holterman in 2012 to address gaps he noticed in worldwide healthcare and research. Dr. Holterman and his team investigate ideas that would serve people with their medical needs, and support the ideas they believe have the best chance to make a lasting impact. Not only do they financially back the ideas, but they offer continued managerial support as well.

One group that Dr. Mark Holterman is particularly invested in is the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam. He believes in the mission of teaching and equipping doctors and hospitals in the region, so he donates not only his time, but also supports IPSACV financially as well.

Dr. Mark Holterman has helped thousands of children globally. However, in the midst of all he does, he stays very grounded and present for his family. He married his wife, Ai-Xuan, while she was a medical student at University of Virginia. Together they have three boys, and he values being involved in their lives. Dr. Holterman most highly recommended book for other entrepreneurs is “Hero: Being Strong Fathers your Children Need”.