Greg Blatt a CEO Who Encourages Talking and Listening

Greg Blatt became the CEO of the online dating site Match by blending his knowledge of the law and his work ethic. Blatt began developing his work skills in his college days. He attended Columbia University and graduated in law. Getting his degree required him to focus and to be clear on what the end goal was. This ability to block out distractions and complete a given task did not bring him directly to Match, but instead, after Columbia, he began work as an associate.

His legal education has always backgrounded him along his career. Blatt worked at a few law firms after college, but eventually, he ended up in the legal department of a media production business. The owner of the company was Martha Stewart. It may seem like an odd pairing, but Blatt and Stewart became friends and business associates. Greg has even made videos with Martha where they appear to be having fun, but he always kept his performance professional but upbeat. Ms. Stewart seemed to appreciate his style and work ethics too.

After working there, Greg Blatt went on to work at Match and with other dating sites. Being the CEO of Match required him to dedicate time and energy to the business, but he stilled made time for his family and young daughter. At one point in time, he was juggling two CEO positions. Blatt was the chief at Tinder. Besides that, he was the chief at Match. Tinder is a dating service also, but it has a different style of audience. Each platform has a look and feel that attracts different people. There is plenty of room in the online dating industry as Blatt can attest to.

Some methods this successful businessman used to bring Match to the forefront was by using his time in the most productive manner. He believes in having conversations with team leaders and other staff members. Greg Blatt thinks that having an actual conversation with someone can move things forward faster. Not only does he talk to people to get new ideas, but he also encourages others to speak up and be heard. He wants to listen to what others have to say because sometimes collaboration brings an entirely new way of seeing a situation. Match may have grown so quickly because of Blatt’s openness to talking and listening.

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