Texans Show Their Love and Trust to Stream Energy

In a world where businesses are continually losing integrity, it’s good to know that some have kept honest traditional values over the years. Stream Energy recently received recognition as a well-trusted establishment. Texas residents made sure that Stream won placement in the top 10 of the most trusted providers in the state of Texas.

Marketing Strategies International is the company that brought this information to light, and they came up with it by reviewing statistics from a study and survey of the customers of 52 energy retailers. A total of 5,881 people participated in the polls. The surveys asked these persons about what was most important to them as customers and which company they thought provided it.

The study also questioned them in seven other areas. The surveys were well-rounded and covered every important aspect of business-to-client relations. Some of those other areas that the survey covered were areas such as billing, rates, reputation and product quality.

The quality of Stream Energy that seemed to make it soar to the top was its compassion for its customers during perilous times and the contribution that it made to assist those people. Stream donated tens of thousands of dollars to the Red Cross after Hurricane Harvey. The company also paid its employees extra money for involving themselves in the heroic rescue and assistance efforts.

The CEO of the company, Larry Mondry, was excited about the company’s recognition. He said that the Stream Energy business sustains a culture that he is proud of, and he will continue to strive to push the workers to continue their efforts.

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Stream Energy Details

Stream started out as a little vision in 2005 and is now a full-blown dream and a blessing to customers in states such as Ilinois, Texas. Georgia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and more. Stream offers a suite of helpful services outside of their normal realm of energy.

Stream is a caring organization that gets involved in community issues when someone needs support. With Larry Mondry pushing for the company to excel, Stream will continue to rise to the top of the industry.

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New things to review at EOS

I have loved EOS lip balms for years. And just when I think I have found my new favorite they come up with a new flavor or a new line. Well they have done it again. We all love EOS for it’s organic line and it’s use of clean ingredients. Did you know there was only one ingredient that kept their Balm from being Vegan? Yes Vegan! It was the Beeswax. Well now they have created a line of EOS Vegan lip balms. Two wonderful flavors of Vegan Crystal Lip Balm in Hibiscus Peach and Crystal Lip Balm in Vanilla Orchid. Both of these are in the iconic little round dispensers.

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The need for a vegan product was evident as they sold out on the EOS site the same day it was released. The vegan lip balms are packed with jojoba oil and antioxidant-rich vitamin E, see it here on allure.com. They are dermatologist tested and created to be hypoallergenic and petrolatum free. These lip balms will provide beautifully smooth and softer lips.

EOS has always been on the cutting edge with their lip balm. They came into the market and quickly surpassed sales of some of the well known brands that had been around for decades. They developed their certified Organic and 100% natural line of balms. They truly offer something for everyone, look at their different lines and you will see balms that are Gluten free, 100% natural, made with no Animal testing, organic, vegan and the list goes on. EOS have medicated balms, lip balms for the athlete or outdoor enthusiast, with color and clear, and even a bit of sparkle.

EOS has put in the research and developed truly wonderful lines of lip balms, see this. Oh and did I mention the flavors are really Yummy. If you haven’t tried EOS Lip balms today is the day. If you love them as much as I do then it might just be time to try one in a new line or a new flavor.

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Marketing of EOS Lip Balm via Instagram

Evolution of Smooth, EOS has invented the new EOS Lip Balm that is now found in almost any lady’s makeup bag. This product has gained popularity and is now available in local boutiques and retail shops. It can now be found in Walgreens and even in Walmart.

EOS Lip Balm comes in a container that is designed to catch the eyes of everyone who loves it says evolutionofsmooth.com. The pastel shape and different colors that the containers come in are very attractive. The flavors include Hibiscus Peach, honeydew, Vanilla Orchid, Grapefruit and much more. It also made with vitamin E, a hydrating compound and jojoba oil which is purely organic.

EOS has had this product tested and approved by dermatologists. The trials have proved that the EOS Lip Balm is good for users because it is free of chemicals that would cause skin cancer and other skin-related illnesses, head over to this site.

The organic EOS lip balm is made in a way that it leaves the lips of its users smooth and shining. This has helped in preventing cracking and drying of lips. The lip balm has a crystal and shiny appearance. It comes in a triangular shape. This makes it easy to apply the lip balm directly to the lips without using the fingers for smearing.

EOS has uploaded various pictures of the lip balm on their Instagram page. The photos have received so many likes and comments from their buyers. The photos on Instagram have explained that the lip balms are not waxed. This makes the EOS lip balms non-sticky while applying to the lips. The Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid are the major flavors currently. You may buy these amazing products here on amazon.de.

The ingredients make the lip balms weightless and very moisturizing as explained in the captions for the photos. This strategy has helped EOS market these lip balms to their customers.

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The Quintessential EOS Lip Balm Review

If you’ve grown bored with the standard selection of lip balms in the marketplace, you’re encouraged to try EOS (Evolution of Smooth); it’s a lip balm company that is quickly revolutionizing how lip balm is perceived, by utilizing exciting flavors. According to EOS, the unique flavors being offered are intended to differentiate their brand from others already in the marketplace. What makes EOS different from Chapstick and Blistex? First of all, EOS did away with the traditional cylindrical tube, which has for so long been synonymous with lip balm and replaced it with colorful orbs. Additionally, the EOS brand of lip balm is available in an array of flavors that are not commonly associated with lip balm.

Although the lip balm flavors offered by EOS may sound like a smoothie description, you can be assured that they all provide long-lasting moisture. EOS lip balm is available in Summer Fruit, Blueberry Acai, Passion Fruit, Strawberry Sorbet, and a host other flavors. Read also usmagazine.com to see the products. Additionally, EOS does not contain any harmful chemicals. Unlike its contemporaries, EOS is marketed specifically to women, which explains the colorful packaging and their fun-shaped orbs. In an effort to further broaden their appeal amongst female consumers, EOS has partnered with social media influencers, and Hollywood celebrities, for its marketing campaign, which has turned out to be quite successful. In fact, the influx of new customers has turned EOS from a small startup into a $250 million dollar company.

Who are EOS customers? According to the company’s website, their average customers are women between the ages of 25 and 35. EOS believes that this demographic is inclined to be much more adventurous and willing to embrace new concepts, refer also to celiacandthebeast.com. So why not indulge in your feminity and unshackle yourself from the traditional line of lip balm marketed as unisex, and try something designed specifically for women. Feel free to visit the company’s website, https://evolutionofsmooth.com/ for more information.

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