Glen Wakeman Gives Guidance to Newly Launched Startups

Some of the best-laid plans will not amount to a hill of beans. If you asked Glen Wakeman, the able guru of startups, why this is he would tell you that it is because such enterprises exist in companies lacking workable structures (Ideamensch). In other words, had the management team known where to go for help the business might have survived. That is not an oversimplification.

It applies to just about anything. Think about it this way. Imagine your favorite dessert. Without the recipe, you could guess at the ingredients and the measurements. How long to keep it in the oven, and so on. That is an inefficient process – call it trial and error. Would it not be easier if you called your grandma for the recipe? Then you might nail it on the first attempt.

Glen Wakeman wants to be like the grandmother in that analogy. His company LaunchPad Holdings, LLC has a software solution which is designed to work with entrepreneurs so that they can get the recipe just right. The name of the product is LaunchPad Toolkit©. Mr. Wakeman created it to help startups follow the sequence and method expected of them so that they will have a solid business plan going forward.

The process of using Glen Wakeman’s Toolkit© product encourages entrepreneurs to finetune their vision as well as to create a smart sales and marketing plan. Being armed with a crisp and concise business plan makes it that much easier to qualify for a business loan, or to get accepted into a business incubator.

Glen Wakeman is an experienced business executive with over 20 years in the corporate world. He holds a BS in Economics from the University of Scranton, and an MBA from the University of Chicago. Before starting LaunchPad Holdings, he served as the CEO of General Electric’s Latin American operation. Today Glen Wakeman is a well-respected management consultant. He is also a published author of business management books and regularly shares his acumen through his blog.