Making Personal Connections Is The Key To Success For Perry Mandera

When someone like Perry Mandera is willing to share the secrets to his success, it’s very beneficial to take a few minutes and listen to his message. He is not likely to give this message in front of a large crowd, present it on television or write a book about his keys to success. Mandera, the Founder of The Custom Companies, Inc. emphasizes personal interaction. He feels this ensures that messages are conveyed correctly. It also shows the recipient that the message and the audience is important enough to Mr. Mandera that he delivers it in person.

To deliver messages and train employees in person, Mandera maximizes the amount of time he has in every single day. To do this, he has trained himself to sleep four hours per day and still perform at a peak level. By limiting his sleep, he has more time to spend with his customers and employers in person. He saves administrative tasks to complete during parts of the day when his clients and employees are not available to him.

Maximizing the use of time is something he emphasizes as a key to success in business. Perry Mandera also emphasizes reaching out to the local community as a way to succeed in a community. He feels that his business should be known by those that live in the communities he serves. To do this he sponsors local youth athletic teams and supplies equipment to teams to help offset their expenses (Facebook).

Being visible in the community, he does not just invest his money in the future of the neighborhood, but his time and knowledge as well. For Perry Mandera, it’s not surprising that owners and managers of failing businesses frequently complain about there not being enough time to get everything done in a day. The mentor teaches his employees through personal demonstration that the key is to maximize the time that you have. Even if you aren’t able to function on the four to six hours of sleep each day that he does, if you are highly organized you can maximize productivity.

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