Ten Years Of EOS Lip Balms

It seems just like yesterday when EOS came onto the scene as a new skincare company. Evolution Of Smooth truly evolved the entire world of skincare. They have a focus on creating products that would essentially hydrate and smooth skin. Staying committed to something skin allowed the company to generate a profitable and big business for themselves. 

The celebration has begun for EOS’s ten year anniversary. What better way to celebrate than to create more products. They are dishing out dozens of new products to celebrate their ten year birthday. These products will be available until October. New lip balms will also be apart of this new ten year collection.

The lip balms from EOS has made the company legendary. Their lip balms are hydrating, always smelling great and will heal any type of lip issues. Their lip balms help treat cracked lips, dry lips or lips simply needing moisture. 

Making it ten years in the skincare industry is almost unheard of. But EOS is doing a fine job of this. They are excited that they have had loyal customers for an entire decade. Because of their loyalty they are offering thirty five total new products to the Evolution Of Smooth family. 

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Discover The Secret Of Full Sultry Lips With EOS

Your full soft lips are yearning for all natural ingredients that will continue to leave them feeling luxurious and silky. Are you tired of dry cracked lips? There are thousands of women around the world that are looking for organic products that don’t have harsh by products that are bad on your skin. Amazingly, EOS lip balm products are chosen 10 to 1, over chapstick. They are 95% organic with eleven essential amino acids. Their popular brand of lip balms are sold wherever your favorite beauty products are located. Discover why EOS lip balm products are popular among your favorite celebrities.

Evolution Of Smooth Products

Evolution of Smooth products are based with shea butter and jojoba oil. They work extra hard to go on moist and give you silky smooth lips. Your lips will feel sensational and provide a wonderful scent. Nourish your lips with a popular lip care product that is trusted by thousands of women around the world. They also offer a wide variety of shaving creams, hand, and body lotions. Pamper your lips with delectable flavors that will have your lips feeling their best in all types of weather conditions including protection from UV rays.

Types Of Evolution Of Smooth Products

– Berry blossom

– Mint kisser

– Coconut milk

– Vanilla mint

– Blackberry nectar

and much more…

Vanilla bean extracts protects your lips 100% against the affects of drying. Bring delight to your beauty regimen with the benefits of EOS products. Their products are cruelty and gluten-free. EOS lip balm products provide a rich conditioning for the skin. You can purchase their products from around the world from your favorite retailers including Walmart, eBay and CVS. You’re invited to visit the exclusive EOS website (https://evolutionofsmooth.com/lip-balm/smooth-spheres.html) for more details, products, and promotional offers.

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